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Most of the episodes I only gave a brief description without spoiling to much the anime but the best episodes I made them as spoilers. So enjoy

EPISODE 01 - THE $$60,000,000,000 MAN

Short Summary:
The legendary gunman, Vash the Stampede, roams the desert world with a $$60,000,000,000 reward on his head! But no one really knows what he looks like. It might be that big guy with a huge weapon and a mohawk or it might be that blonde man with the mustache. It sure couldn't be that goofy guy in a red coat...


Short Summary:
In a town where all the water has vanished, Meryl and Milly run into our red coated hero again. It turns out Vash has been hired by Cliff Cesar as a bodyguard for his guest, Maryanne. But Cliff and Maryanne are more than they seem...


Short Summary:
Vash looks for a master gunsmith, Frank Marlon. But intsead, he found Frank Marlon, the town drunk. When the bank robbers strike, it's up to Vash to get Frank Marlon back on track.


Short Summary:
Vash gets into a hostage situation where a man named "Grim Reaper" Bostock wants his daughter back. Plus, Vash makes his happy announcement of love and peace. *Crosses fingers*


Short Summary:
Vash is on the run from an entire town. A scientist has turned his son into a huge wrecking machine. They want the reward money to repair its broken plant. A scientist has turned his son into a huge wrecking machine. Vash is forced to fire his gun. A scientist has turned his son into a huge wrecking machine!!

Short Summary:
Entering Julycity, a dark past haunts Elizabeth, a plant technician... And Vash. As Vash meets his assasin, he soon runs into an overloading plant! What will our hero do?


Short Summary:
Aboard a sandsteamer, Vash meets the stowaway kid, Kaite. But suddenly, the whole sandsteamer is under attack by the Bad Lad Gang and their flashy leader, Brilliant Dynamites Neon!!


Short Summary:
Total chaos is also aboard the sandsteamer as Vash takes on B.D.N. Meanwhile, Kaite is trying to stop the raging sandsteamer from destuction!


Short Summary:
On a long bus trip, Vash, Meryl, and Milly meet the priest, the friendly Nicholas D. Wolfwood. Then the bus trip is interrupted by an attack of some robot thingies!!


Short Summary:
Vash and Nick enter a quick draw contest to help Neil and his mother. Who will win?! What will happen?!! Why Kuroneko popping up everywhere?!!! It's so intense...


Short Summary:
A Wolfwood and Milly episode... Vash and gang help Julius and Moore escape from a desert caravan, but there's more to the problem.


The sky is dark. Lightning flashes and thunder roars. A muscular man, who is surrounded by bullets and knives, is exercising. There is another flash of lightning. He turns to see a man now standing in front of the window. The muscular man asks how long the man has been standing there. The man replies he has been watching the entire time. The muscular man comments that man is one creepy guy. The musuclar man soon asks who is hunting. The man in front of the window's words are covered by thunder. The muscular man is suitable with his target.

Elsewhere, the sky is red, and Vash appears to be talking to the owner of the shoe store. (I don't understand this scene, so let's move on.)

The next day, the sun is shining and people are enjoying themselves. Meryl and Milly are sitting on a bench commenting on the beautiful day. Milly tries to get out of work for the day, but Meryl catches her, saying it was a nice try. On the other side of the monument, is Vash, who is also sitting on a bench, daydreaming about Rem. Until a ball comes out of nowhere and knocks the bench, along with Vash down. The kids apologize and Vash suddenly jumps up with the ball in his mouth, calling himself "The Deadly Dodgeball Head", as he chases the kids. Meryl wonders what the hell Vash is doing and she suddenly gets a flashback. In the previous episode, Vash was silent, not smiling, and not moving a muscle. Milly says it's great to have the old Vash back.

Vash treats the kids ice cream, and gives Meryl the money. Meryl notices that's one to many and Vash points to a lonely little girl. Meryl comes back and offers some ice cream to the girl. The girl smiles and is about to take it but she suddenly runs off. The group has some fun and Vash gets the ball and shows off. The kids tell him to give them a turn and Vash is about to until a man with a skull, spikes, and gold eyes passes by.

The man is the one with long jacketed man we had seen earlier. The man sits behind Vash, claiming he has found him. Vash asks who he is. The man says he is Legato Bluesummers. Milly notices Vash, and asks for him. Vash just smiles and gives her the ball. Milly runs back, concerned about the way Vash looked before.

Vash puts up his sunglasses and asks what does Legato want. Legato replies Vash's life. He laughs and says he is actually a messenger. Legato has come to warn that Vash's life is going to end that day. Legato smirks and then looks at the little girl seen earlier. The girl walks over to Legato and he offers her a hotdog. Vash looks at Legato, who is rubbing her head. Suddenly, Legato tightens his grip and the girl cries out. Vash quickly turns around to see the girl run off, happily. Legato laughs at Vash's shocked reaction, saying that he could kill everyone in just a blink of an eye. Legato finally looks back at Vash, asking him if Vash has called a draw.

Vash angrily, looks at Legato until Legato walks off, saying he has left a gift. Suddenly, a woman runs into the town, screaming her husband was killed. Vash realizes the murder was Legato's gift.

Later on, Meryl tries to tell the sheriff that Vash didn't do anything. It turns out that the sheriff discovered that Vash is the Humanoid Typhoon, so they put him in jail, believing he did the man's murder. Inside Vash's cell, Vash sits angrily, remembering Legato's words. He knows Legato could not be after the $$60 Billion reward, so he instantly thinks it was someone Vash refers as "Him". Vash has a flashback. In what appears to be a golden city, a dead body is found in a puddle of blood. Next to the dead body is a man (Vash's "Him") who turns around and says hello to Vash. Vash is shocked. A scene of destruction in a red sky is shown.

Meryl and Milly walk into the room and Milly suddenly notices Vash's eyes are glowing blue. Milly freaks and Meryl asks if everything is all right. Vash is shown with a smile, and his eyes are normal, saying that he just needs some time alone. But back in the sheriff's room, the door flies open as a large man walks in. Vash senses this and the large man reveals his weapon. Vash yells to get down as Legato is seen on an overlooking cliff.

The large man begins to fire, destroying the wall. He calls for Vash the Stampede, introducing himself as Monev the Gale, and telling Vash he come to kill him. Vash tells Meryl and Milly to run, but Meryl questions this. Monev appears and presses Vash against the wall. Meryl holds out a Derringer, but she is easily knocked away by Monev. Monev is about to kill Vash until Milly fires her Stungun, making Vash able to escape. Vash runs through the town, telling everyone to run. Soon enough, Monev decides to kill all the people along with Vash. And with a storm of bullets, the area of the town is destroyed. Vash survives but he sees that he is now surrounded by dead bodies.

Monev rejoices, believing he has killed Vash until Vash begins to fire at him. Monev looks at Vash, seeing his eyes are glowing blue. Monev says looking into those eyes is like looking at the eyes of the diablo (devil). Vash fires another shot, but Monev escapes.

Meryl and Milly are now seen walking through the destruction as they come upon Vash. Vash orders them to stay away from him. Meryl begins to wonder if this is the real Vash the Stampede, as Vash walks away.

Elsewhere, Monev can't believe how the gentle Vash had shot at him. Still, he has to kill him. Vash is now seen in a bank, ordering the banker he has to use the safe. Monev figures out Vash's plan. Vash is planning to use the safe door as a shield. Monev begins to fire and Vash sends something flying at Monev, giving him a chance to fire. Knowing that Vash has no more bullets, Monev gets ready to fire once more. Vash jumps up, as his left hand pulls down, revealing a gun. Vash fires, and Monev is knocked down.

Vash walks toward Monev, saying people are dead. Monev replies no one cares and Vash kicks him and then holds him at gun point. Vash says for the death of those people, Monev will now die for what he has done. Monev begs for his life and Vash's eyes open wide as it appears he was sent into a dream-like world with Rem. Vash begins to talk to Rem, telling about his dream, where he had always wondered why the people who had dry hearts continued to live that way.

Rem laughs at this, saying Vash is always so serious, even when he's dreaming. Rem explains that the choices we make in life have unlimited possibilities. She begins to sing "Sound Life" as we return to Vash and Monev. Vash slowly moves away his gun from Monev and raises his head. Vash hugs his left arm as a tear drop into it. Vash asks Rem if he really shot him, she would really die. He asks if it's wrong to shoot him.


Short Summary:
It's the recap episode-KYA! Meryl types up her report and we learn a tad bit more about Vash.


Short Summary:
Meryl and Milly are hired as bodyguards by an old couple. It turns out the two insurance girls have to protect a lush, green area from a man named Morgan, the rest of the Nebraska family, and the couple's son himself.


Meryl and Milly are slowly on their way and Vash is the one forced to carry them there. Apparently, Vash was the one who wrecked their car and all he wants to know if they are there yet...

At Jeneora Rock, a group of men and a few women walk into a saloon. The men are the Rodwick Thieves and the women are their new captives. They toy with one of the waiters until one member notices his lady is staring at something. She looks at the blue-haired man, sitting in front of them, eating cake. The woman continues staring so the member begins to beat her for doing so. The leader tells Nagi to stop since the blue-haired man could only be a lady-killer; the kind women all go after.

Nagi angrily asks the blue-haired man if thinks he is too good for them. The man continues eating, so Nagi pulls out his gun and shoots the head of the fork off. The man simply asks for another fork and Nagi begins to fire recklessly at him. The saxophone player stops and the blue-haired man, who is obviously Legato Bluesummers, stands up. Legato walks up to Nagi and using his Mind Control, kills him. The Rodwick Thieves all put out their guns, but they too all die from Legato's power. Legato walks up to the crying women and tells them that the day it all ends is near before he heads out of the bar. As Legato walks through the town, he is reminded of Vash the Stampede and how his very existence causes him irritation. Later, Meryl, Milly and Vash finally get into town. Wanting a drink, Vash walks into the local saloon to find the corpses of the Rodwick Thieves.

On top of Jeneora Rock, the rest of the Rodwick Thieves have surrounded Legato. Giving out an order just to kill half of them, a number of different attacks are hurled at the Rodwick Thieves. With the half of them dead, Legato finishes off the leader with his Mind Control. As the Gung-Ho-Guns are introduced, it is revealed that the saxophone player from the bar is Legato's right hand man. Legato notices Chapel's absence and Midvalley responds that he is being his untrustworthy self. The order is given and next member to attack Vash is Dominique the Cyclops.

After going through town for answers and getting his fingered injured, Vash then notices Legato on top of Jeneora Rock. Without saying a word to Meryl and Milly, Vash jumps to the top. When he gets there, he finds more corpses and greeting him is Dominique. After talking for a while, Vash gets ready to pull out his gun. In a flash, Dominique appears beside him and fires her gun. Vash dodges, but the same event occurs again. Dominique threatens Vash to shoot her this time and knowing this is not an empty threat, Vash stares at her. Dominique then vanishes again and appears right next to Vash. She fires her gun and Vash is shot at his chin. With his gun out of reach, Vash tries to figure out how Dominique is able to move that fast. He recalls her vanishing repeatedly until he finally gets it.

Vash closes his eyes and starts screaming in pain. Confused of what is going on, Dominique opens her eyepatch and runs toward Vash. Vash suddenly opens his eyes, reveals his hidden gun, and fires at Dominique. Shot, Dominique is flung back. Holding her eyepatch, which was where she was shot, Dominique asks how Vash did that. Vash answers that the Demons Eye has the power to numb opponents using hypnotic charm. Since the Demons Eye effects all five senses, Vash concentrated on pain to follow her movements. Again, Dominique uses her Demons Eye to get behind Vash, but she finds his hidden gun already aimed.

With Dominique defeated, she drops her gun. Meryl and Milly arrive at the scene and Meryl immediately slaps Vash. Milly asks Dominique if she is all right and Vash cannot believe the two did not see anything of what just happened. Using the Demons Eye, Dominique leaves the scene before saying to Vash that this is not the end. While running away in disbelief she was beaten, Dominique comes across Midvalley and gasps.

Back to Vash, Meryl, and Milly, they hear saxophone music from above. They look to see no one other than Legato and Midvalley. Dust begins to roll past and the two men have vanished. Vash tells Meryl this is the end of them traveling together. It is too dangerous and her life would be at risk if he explained why. Vash suddenly perks up and begins to walk away, vowing he will find Legato, whatever it takes.




As Legato devours ice cream, a man in a large shell asks his boss when can he go; they already lost two of their men. Legato hesitantly agrees, and says he will even set the stage for him. The man says he hopes that the reward will be reasonable before walking away. Midvalley asks if Legato is letting him go alone. Legato replies that it is his logic that the greater the tragedy, the greater the emotional effect. Midvalley smirks in agreement.

Back at Jeneora Rock, Milly says she is worried; it has been two whole weeks. Meryl remains silent, remembering what Vash had said before he walked away from them. Milly wonders how Vash is doing and Meryl says he is probably goofing off somewhere, but it is obvious she is also worried about him. The two start hearing men bad talk Vash, so Meryl decides to stand up for him. She suddenly realizes what she just did, so she walks away in embarrassment. Now walking through the town, Meryl explains it is not just their job, but now their mission to track Vash down. Moreover, if necessary, she will follow him to the ends of the earth.

40 iles to Augusta, Vash is just hanging out in some bar, thinking about what he is going to do when he does find Legato. Vash starts freaking out and complaining that there is no way he can win, so Vash decides to back out. A very pale man walks up to Vash and tells him "he" will be waiting for him in Augusta. He then says if he does not come this is what will happen: The man fires his gun at himself and falls to the floor. Vash notices there is no blood and figures this is the work of Legato. Vash decides that he will fight Legato.

65 iles to Augusta, a man runs in, panicking that Vash the Stampede is here. Wolfwood overhears this. And elsewhere, Meryl and Milly learn that Vash is in Augusta, firing his gun like a maniac. Meryl wonders what Vash is possibly thinking.

Over in Augusta, Vash eventually scares everyone out, by running through the town and firing his gun. While walking through the now abandoned town, he comes across a destroyed building and knows something is not right. Something falls from above and onto Vash's neck and he learns that it is blood. Vash looks up to see Monev the Gale and Dominique the Cyclops hung on a water tank, dead. A man from behind asks if Vash likes his "decorations". Vash turns around to see the man in a large shell. The man introduces himself as the fifth Gung-Ho-Gun, E.G. Mine. They begin to talk and E.G. reveals his spikes and fires. In a flash, Vash is now right next to him and holding him at gunpoint.

A shockwave is hurled at Vash and he quickly dodges and aims at the source. The dust clears, revealing a samurai-like man. He introduces himself as the ninth Gung-Ho-Gun, Rai-dei the Blade. Rai-dei challenges Vash to a duel to the death, but E.G. Mine complains it is his job to kill Vash. E.G.'s shell then falls off and Rai-dei him that E.G.'s duel was over before he had arrived. Vash had fired at E.G., cutting the threads that held his shell together, then dodged the spikes, and finally put E.G. at gunpoint. For E.G.'s failure, Rai-dei kills him.

Vash and Rai-dei begin to fight and Vash manages dodges each attack Rai-dei delivers. They pause only to talk, but Rai-dei ends the conversation by sending another huge shockwave at Vash. The attack was powerful enough to slice down a building. On a cliff, Midvalley and Legato watch the fight. Meryl and Milly also see the building be destroyed. Meryl decides to go, figuring that Vash must be around. Milly stops her, but Meryl goes anyway.

Rai-dei continues sending shockwaves and Vash is thrown away. Soon, Vash decides to take advantage of the fight and reveals his hidden gun. However, before Vash can fire, Rai-dei shoots the blade of his sword at Vash and then reveals that his sheath is a rifle. Rai-dei fires at Vash, who is still in mid-air. Vash collapses against a wall and Rai-dei continues to fire at him. Suddenly, Vash hears Legato in his mind, telling him to use "it". Vash screams to stop and Rai-dei claims Vash is a coward for begging for his life. Then, a light bursts from Vash's gun. And in seconds, the top part of the gun flies off, and more light shines. Vash has a flashback of a city, a man, him with two guns, and the strange light. He then remembers him with a strange transformation.

Meryl and Milly find themselves in ruins and Meryl gets a glimpse of a large piece of Vash's jacket. Meryl almost runs off again, but Milly grabs hold of her. A bright light bursts in the sky and Milly quickly reacts by grabbing Meryl and starts taking her away from Augusta. Back with Vash, his strange transformation continues and Rai-dei looks in fear, wondering what this could be. The light forms into a ball and the gun continues changing. Vash orders Rai-dei to run, but a building collapses in his path. With Vash's Angel Arm fully transformed, it begins to collects energy. Vash forces himself to move the arm upward and aims at the sky.

Vash fires his Angel Arm. A huge ball of light engulfs the city. Wolfwood, Midvalley, and Legato are all watching this event. Legato explains that this is the second time that this has happened. The first had taken the city of July twenty-three years ago. Meryl and Milly also watch in horror as the Angel Arm fires into the sky. Meryl remembers Vash as she and Milly watch as a hole is burned into the Fifth Moon.

The light soon dies down and Legato smiles in pleasure. With Augusta now in ruins, Rai-dei climbs out and finds Wolfwood there. Rai-dei, supposedly knowing him, tells Wolfwood to join him. Instead, Wolfwood takes out his gun and kills him. Wolfwood asks Vash if this is the path he has chosen. Meanwhile, a man talks about Vash the Stampede and how he destroyed Augusta as the people Vash had met and helped are shown.

Meryl looks out a window, crying. Milly walks in saying that received a letter from the main office. Meryl reads the letter, learning that they are to return immediately. Meryl begins to cry again as she reads that with anything involving Vash, the Bernadelli Insurance will stay uninvolved. Meryl cries she cannot believe this and begins to weep against Milly. Milly, also crying, tells Vash that he is jerk for making Meryl cry. Beneath the Fifth Moon, where the mark of Vash the Stampede remains, he is nowhere in sight and has disappeared without a trace.



Out in space, there are group of ships. While a voice talks, the name of a ship is shown: "SEEDS". In the ship, a picture of a planet pops up on the screen and the crew members rejoice. A woman named Rem says that the planet could be their new home. Rowan replies according to some data, it's close to home. Another man, Steve, says they should just land already. Rowan says it's impossible to live there, but it's not their decision.

Meanwhile, two other members of the crew are show, twin boys. One of them has a funny pair of glasses on and sends confetti flying. Rem then asks Joey what kind of flowers are on that planet and he replies they might. Rem hopes they're red ones.

Later on in the cold sleep control room, young Vash is looking through a glass. Rem walks in and asks him where Knives is. Instead of answering Rem's question, he asks one of his own. Vash asks why the millions of people through the glass never wake up; it's to quiet in the ship. Rem answers that it's time to tell him the name of the ship, Project Seeds. Vash questions the name. She says that the ship are filled with genes of the human race and they are for the population for the new world. She also says that the crew are kind of like the caretakers of them. Rem finishes by saying the human will to survive is desperate. A fight awaits them on a new land. Until then, it's the crew's job to let them sleep in peace. Knives then walks in asking if they're having lunch in the usual place, the recreation room.

In the recreation room, Rem hums a song and Knives says Rem really likes that song. Rem says she just hums it when she's happy. Knives says it's a nice song and then asks every time they go into the room it's different. Rem answers because it's alive. Knives says the recreation room must be like out world. Rem says our world is more expansive and filled with plants and animals. Vash says he would really like to that. Rem replies that they're just not going to see it, they're going to create it. Knives and Vash both say it will be a sin free world.

Later in the briefing room, Joey says our world was so desperate, Project Seeds had to be drafted. Knives says according to data, it was mankind who was destroying the Earth. Joey says it's true and Rem says the will to survive made this project. Rem then asks if there is a meaning to live with such sacrifices. Rem replies human can right their wrongs and can learn from their mistakes.

Afterward, Joey talks to Rem saying he can't teach Vash and Knives like a father. Rem replies she doesn't know a thing about kids either. Then Joey asks why they came here anyway. Rem says it's because they're angels and God sent them to point them to the right direction and lead them to their dream.

Steve walks in and asks if Rem is there. Rowan says Rem's in the recreation room with Vash and Knives. Steve then says there are still three plants left to adjust. Rowan replies that while Steve was sleeping, Vash and Knives have already done that. Steve can't believe they accomplished that so fast. Mary and Rowan both exclaim it's because their IQ is way higher then theirs and should be thankful they are here to help. Steve angrily says they're monsters, pointing out how much they grew in just one year.

Knives opens a door, finding Vash crying. He asks why Vash is crying again and Vash says it's because Steve hates him. Knives replies that to the rest of the crew they're just uninvited guests, and they only need to be patient until they can accept them. Vash says Rem said they could stay.

Elsewhere, both Knives and Vash stare at an apple on a tree. Knives asks Vash why plants can't talk. Vash answers Rem said that plants are stronger then they are and they use all their energy on living that they don't need to talk. Knives then says but they eat their fruit. Vash replies they need the fruit to live. Knives asks Vash if he might be eating someday. Vash answers definitely not, because Rem said they were making a new kind of eating. Knives has a flashback of him being beaten by Steve and he asks himself then what's his purpose. Then we see two babies crying. The crew was going to kill them but Rem stopped them by standing in the way. Knives knows there has to be a reason.

Rem calls on Knives telling him his turn for a haircut won't be much longer. While cutting Vash's hair, Rem says it's becoming quite a trim. Then Rem exclaims she has an idea. Rem holds up the mirror and Vash sees his hair...It's sticking up. Rem says it reminds her of someone she loved very much. Vash asks Rem where he is now. Rem says he's in the land of angels; heaven. And thanks to him Rem was able to face her mistakes. Vash then says he won't leave because he really loves her. Rem laughs and calls for Knives, who isn't there.

Meanwhile, hair is scattered all over the floor along with an apple with a bite taken out of it. Knives is cutting his own hair and pounds his fist, saying it's all wrong. Vash walks in and sees Knives' haircut and asks him what happened. Knives answers it was a small change of heart and if they stayed the same, there is no individuality.

Rem compliments on Knives' haircut, saying it's wonderful. Knives' says he strangely feels refreshed. Mary and Rowan also compliment on Knives haircut, saying he looks intellectual and like a little philosopher. Vash asks what does he look like and they all answer a mama's boy. Vash says that's mean and the others have a quick laugh. Steve interrupts saying he can't believe they can eat with those "monsters". Knives cuts in saying that Steve is misbehaving in front of innocent children. Steve insanely laughs, leaving the room. Knives continues saying it's because he's afraid.

Later, Rowan complains about Steve as the door opens revealing Knives. The same thing with Mary. In the recreation room, Vash spots a butterfly trapped in a spider's web. The spider gets closer to the butterfly, Vash tries to figure out if he can help it. But out of nowhere, Knives' hand grabs the spider and crushes it. Both Rem and Vash are shocked. Knives claims killing the spider was the only way to save the butterfly. Vash yells saying he wanted to save them both. Knives says that's impossible because if the spider hadn't caught the butterfly, it would die of starvation. Rem replies they're both living creatures but Knives interrupts her saying he's not wrong; wanting to save both is a naive contradiction. While Knives continues talking, Vash tackles him down on the grass screaming at him that Knives doesn't understand and he wanted to save them both the butterfly and the spider. Vash and Knives get up and Knives leaves the room saying Vash doesn't make any sense. Vash replies Knives is the one who doesn't make any sense.

Joey announces that Steve will be put in the freezer due to his actions. Vash and Knives watch as Knives give a smirk. Steve says all he did was get a little drunk. Rem also comes in saying they should hear Steve's side of the story. Rowan replies he say Steve go into Mary's room and Mary says Steve raped her. Joey also goes against Steve and Steve is taken away.

Vash asks Rem why they all can't get along. Rem answers that people have a different way of thinking but better choices can be made next time, and if you keep your vision clear, you will see the future. Meanwhile, Rowan is asking Mary to marry him. But Mary says he's teasing. Joey is talking to Rem, Vash, and Knives. Back to Rowan and Mary, Rowan claims he adjusted the freezer. Mary tells him they weren't supposed to kill him. Rem, Vash, and Knives are walking until they hear gunshots. Rem runs to see what's happened and so does Joey, but someone has turned off the monitors. Rem finds out where the gunshot came from, Rowan. Rowan has shot Mary and says that Mary had betrayed him. He also says that Mary had said she loved him and there is no excuse. Then Rowan aims at Knives' forehead, saying it was his fault Mary had to die. Rem stands in the way telling Rowan to stop this. Rem starts to walk closer to Rowan and Joey sees what's going on. Rowan claims something has broken inside of him. Rem continues to walk closer and Joey tells her to get out of there. Once it seems Rowan is about to shoot Rem, Joey open the door letting Rowan sucked into space along with Mary's body. Rem is blocked from this and tries to grab Rowan's hand, but fails.

Rem cries for the loss of Rowan and Joey says he had to make a choice quickly. Knives tells Joey he agrees with him and Joey did the right thing. But Joey claims maybe Rem was right about him not shooting her. Knives cuts it saying he's just human and aims a gun at Joey. Knives says he knows his decision is the right one. Another gunshot.

Knives goes into the ship's computer, altering the ship's course. At the new rate, all the ships will be destroyed by crashing onto the planet. Knives claims Rowan must have done this and says Joey told them to run to the escape pods. Vash worries about the sleeping people on board. Knives says forget it and get out of the ship. Vash asks Rem what they should do and Rem answers to the escape pods. In suits, Vash, Knives, and Rem, head for the pods. Knives steps in and Vash behind him. Vash tells Rem to hurry in. Rem starts remembering what she had said about the future. Then she asks her loved one to give her strength. Rem starts to close the escape pod door and Vash begs Rem not to leave them. Rem says she's sorry and tells Vash to take care of Knives. Rem finally tells Vash not to worry and the door closes for good.

Vash sees a ship destroyed and knows he has lost Rem forever. Knives laughs evilly, saying humans are incomprehensible by making such foolish sacrifices. He was going to allow Rem to live because Vash was so attached to her, but he saw how perfect she really was; it was good thing she died. Knives also says humans are like a disease to the universe. Vash figures out the Knives has planned all of this. Knives replies Vash is correct and that both he and Vash will live. Knives made sure that the ship carrying plants was safe, but the ship carrying humans will be destroyed. Vash tells Knives to bring back all of them and tries to fight Knives but Knives kicks Vash away. Then Knives hear a computer voice say the course has been corrected. Knives can't believe Rem actually done it. In tears, Vash says he's sorry to Rem.

On the planet, the ships land, producing life. Memories of Rem and one of Rem's final words echo in Vash's mind: "Vash, take care of Knives". 107 years later in Julycity, Vash overlooks at the city and says for Rem to trust him, he will take care of him.



Vash sees a dead body and the murderer...Knives. Vash is shocked. Knives claims that everything that brought Vash and Rem together is gone. Vash, who is in tears, angrily asks if this Knives' excuse for killing. Knives then asks if Vash has learned anything in the past 100 years, Vash can't even regenerate the scars on his body. Knives says it shows Vash's foolish waste of energy. Vash then says it is not Knives' decision if they live or die, they deserve a chance. Knives asks what's the point of growing up, if the only thing the grows up is Vash's sentimentalism, he's just a good for nothing, pathetic wimp. Knives holds up his gun, and Vash quickly pulls out both his.

Knives pulls the trigger first and Vash's left arm is shot off. Vash is thrown against the door, suffering from his lost arm. Knives walks closer and snaps his fingers, making Vash's other gun break apart. Knives says this is what he and Vash are capable of, and now it's time to take this garbage and get rid of it forever. Then something happens to Vash's right arm. It transforms into Vash's Angel Arm. Vash aims his arm at Knives. Knives asks if Vash really is aiming at him again. Knives says it once more and Vash fires his arm, making everything break apart, crumble into dust.

Years later, a girl calls for a man named Ericks. She opens the door ajar, continuing to wake his up. A vehicle drives into the town and as people gather, out walks Wolfwood. As the people struggle to get on, Wolfwood continues walking. He walks into a bar and the men inside draw their guns, but then withdraw. Wolfwood goes over to the bartender saying there's a lot of tension in the town. The bartender assumes Wolfwood has just arrived and Wolfwood replies he's right. The bartender tells him he's never going to leave.

Meanwhile, the vehicle is shot and it falls over, and then it explodes. The bartender claims that the entire town has been taken over by bandits, and Vash the Stampede is running the show. They had sent the town sheriff to talk to the bandits, but when he came back, he had doubled his weight in lead. Walking into the town is like walking into a giant spider web. Wolfwood then asks if the bartender believes the legendary gunman is really behind this. The bartender doesn't know what to think. Vash the Stampede is the one who turned two of the seven cities into ashes, and he is known as mankind's first localized disaster. And even some people claim Vash the Stampede is the one who put that huge crater in the moon. Wolfwood replies whether the legend is true or not, the town is in some big trouble.

The bartender then asks Wolfwood about his cross. Wolfwood tells him he's a traveling priest. The bartender replies Wolfwood will be good for the funerals, they took out the chapel a while back.

Just then, someone walks in. The men draw their guns, but withdraw when they see who it is. It's Ericks and the girl in his arms. A man sighs, saying it's only Lina. Lina angrily asks what does that mean and pulls out of Ericks' arms. She walks over to the bartender and he asks what Lina has done this time. Ericks replies Lina doesn't know when to quit. Lina angrily responds someone deserved it. Ericks replies no he didn't, all he did was grab her rear end. Lina then kicks Ericks own rear end and tells him to keep quiet. The bartender figures out what has happened and panics.

A wall to the bar is blasted by the bandits and a pig-man outside. The pig-man, claimed to be the legendary gunman, yells he's looking for the girl who struck him with her heel. Ericks says the heel looks more like a whole footprint. Holding a man as a hostage, the pig-man calls for Lina or else the man will be killed. He counts down and on the last second, Ericks steps in. Ericks says he is unable to give up Lina because it seems that the bandits will harm her or kill her. Then Ericks gets on his knees and hands, and continues asking to let her off the hook. The pig-man replies if Ericks is going get down on all fours he should act like a dog and he should show some real commitment. Naturally, that means getting naked. Everyone gasps in the bar. Ericks stares at the pig-man and says it's a deal but he better keep his word.

Lina tries to stop him but Wolfwood tells her that's just the way he is. Vash strips and begins to bark and act like a dog. The pig-man aims his huge gun at Ericks but stops when he sees Wolfwood. He orders his men to go but as soon as they're out of sights, the pig-man orders one of his men to shoot him and he does so.

Ericks is rushed into the doctor and the doctor says it's Ericks again and asks what's happened this time. Two other men begin a conversation. One asking what would you choose between your life or your pride. The other man replies he would never strip and act like a dog. The man says that's something for a wimp like Ericks. Wolfwood sends him cross between them, saying if it wasn't for that wimp they would both be dead.

Lina's grandmother walks in and stands by Ericks. She starts crying asking what gives the pig-man the right to take away what little family she has left. Without thinking, Lina's grandmother tries to reach for a rifle. They stop her but she then says for one of them to go in her place. There is no response so Lina's grandmother laughs, calling them cowards. Lina says this is all her fault, because if she would have never gotten near Ericks. Lina is cut off by her crying and both Lina and her grandmother leave the room.

The doctor and his assistant are about to get ready until Wolfwood walks over. Wolfwood says he just stopped by to see if he could help. Wolfwood sees the sleeping Ericks and then suddenly punches him in the face. The doctor begins to pull on his cheek until the doctor's assistant points out the Ericks is wide awake. The doctor says he's amazed that Ericks had gained consciousness so quickly. Ericks speaks up saying if the doctor could leave the room for a while. The doctor and his assistant walk off as the doctor tells Wolfwood to not let Ericks strain himself.

As soon as the doctor and his assistant are gone, Wolfwood looks at Ericks and says it's been a long time to Vash the Stampede.
(c' should have known Ericks was Vash the Stampede by now...)

Wolfwood claims he finally found him and asks what a legendary guy like him is doing in a place like this. Vash replies that Wolfwood has no idea what he's been through; he could have destroyed the entire planet with his Angel Arm. It gets worse; there's a loss of memory. Wolfwood asks if he does know he did it. Vash says he does. He may have fragmented visions, but there's an ache in his heart telling him he did it. Vash knows he put the huge crater in the Fifth Moon.

Wolfwood then asks Vash if he's so afraid of what he can do, he's living an easy retirement. Vash answers no, he just wants to live quietly for once. So Vash changed his name and his way of life. Vash gets up, asking why Wolfwood is here. Wolfwood replies that he came to take Vash away. Vash asks where. Wolfwood responds if he's looking for a final destination, he has no idea. But, one thing he does know is that he needs help. Wolfwood reaches into his jacket, and throws Vash's gun onto the bed. Wolfwood asks Vash if he's heard of someone named Frank Marlon. He just mentioned Vash's name and he fixed the gun for free. Vash asks why would Wolfwood give it to him. Wolfwood says he thinks Vash might need it. Vash says that he wants to live a life in the town with Lina.

Elsewhere, Lina and her grandmother are going through some clothes. Lina's grandmother asks her granddaughter why Ericks was hospitalized the last time. Lina responds he tried to stop a violent man at the bar and the time before that he fell off a thomase. Lina's grandmother remind Lina to thank him and Lina says she will. Going through some more clothing, Lina comes upon a dirty and ripped cloth. Lina remembers seeing Vash on the street and her grandmother cleaning him up. But someone outside is spying them.

Back to Wolfwood and Vash, Wolfwood asks if he's really staying in the town. Vash tells him anytime he does something, people die. Wolfwood walks toward the door saying if he's willing to give up everything for his small pathetic life, he should go for it. Vash has a quick image of Rem. Before walking out, Wolfwood asks Vash if he's heard of a town named Carkassis(sp). Something really strange happened there a few months ago. It seems the entire population suddenly disappeared. There was no sign of a single struggle. Everything looked normal, but all the people just vanished like a mirage. They sent some calvary men and they couldn't find a soul.

One calvary man did find something very odd. In the town square, there was a name on the center monumentt. The name was red, carefully written in red. The name was Knives. With an evil look on Vash's face, Wolfwood leaves.

Vash says it doesn't matter how far he travels. His destiny will always be followed by blood and gunsmoke. The result is the same every time. Mountains of death and debris. Vash has a memory of him telling Rem to get into the escape pod so she won't leave them. Rem tells Vash to take care off Knives and the escape pod door closes, but without Vash seeing a tear run down Rem's face. Vash starts to cry, asking himself what he should do.

Vash suddenly hears Lina's grandmother asking for a man's gun. The bandits have captured Lina. With a moment of thought, Vash decides to go. Walking out with his gun, Vash tells Wolfwood he was kind of fond of his life in the town. He really hate to leave. Wolfwood says sorry, those are the breaks. Someone has to get tough and those maniacs will destroy the town.

A man rushes out with a note, saying Vash and Wolfwood have gone to save Lina. But what they can't believe is that they're going by themselves. Vash and Wolfwood walk towards the building where the bandits are waiting. Wolfwood asks how many are there and Vash assumes about 200. Wolfwood replies a hundred for both of them and sees that's not fair, revealing his Cross Punisher No. 2. Vash exclaims he doesn't want Wolfwood killing anyone, asking what kind of church man he is anyway. Wolfwood says it's deja vu, he's heard that one before. Now Vash is beginning to sound like his old self. The bandits start shooting and Lina calls out for Ericks. With their fingers on their trigger, Vash and Wolfwood begin.

Later on, Vash is sitting on a chair as Lina walks to him. Lina asks why see talked to someone that filthy anyway, she must be crazy for thinking that. Back at the bandits' building in ruins, two men wonder how could only Vash and Wolfwood manage to take down all those men. Lina begins to cut Vash's long hair as Lina's grandmother remembers Vash telling her he had to leave and he's sorry for doing so. Over at the bar, men talk about how unbelievable it is that Ericks was really Vash the Stampede. And all this time they thought the pig-man was really the legendary gunman.

Lina continues cutting Vash's hair. Vash remembers Rem cutting his hair many years ago. Wolfwood says to Lina's grandmother about Vash leaving. He too says he's sorry. Lina remembers all the fun times she had with Ericks and finishes Vash's hair cut. Lina pulls the cloth over her head as she begins to cry. Vash gets up and hugs Lina saying thank you for everything. Lina says she wanted to save him but it turned to be the other way around, she says she was too weak. Vash tells her Lina not to be ridiculous. Lina then says thank you and she's sorry. Vash tells her he's the one who should be saying that.

Vash walks toward Wolfwood and looks back at Lina and her grandmother. He waves to them and tells Lina good-bye...for now.



As Vash's Angel Arm fires onto the Fifth Moon, a huge crater is being burned in. Meryl looks up, seeing the massive beam. A voice constantly calls for Meryl, and she wakes up, seeing it was her office mate, Karen, back in the Bernadelli Insurance Society main office. Karen comments on Meryl's "make-up job", referring to some ink marks on Meryl's cheek. Meryl wipes them away as another office mate enters, starting a conversation about Vash the Stampede. Meryl defends Vash until her boss walks in and Meryl's two office mates rush out. Meryl's boss asks Meryl to come into his office and Meryl receives some orders that give her a shock.

Meryl walks into another room, calling for Milly. Milly appears outside of the window, dressed as a window washer, saying this is her punishment for coming in late for work 20 times in a row. Meryl tells Milly that Vash the Stampede has made an appearance in Little Jersey, and it's up to them again to follow him. After fixing themselves up, the two insurance girls are ready to leave. Meryl waves good-bye to Karen, and Karen sighs as the bus is out of view.

Elsewhere, a man asks someone if they're dead or not, and them offers them a ride. The two men, Vash and Wolfwood bless the man and soon they're both on the back of the man's truck. Wolfwood rejoices just as Vash takes his water bottle. They have a small argument until the man tells them to keep quiet. He then asks where the two are headed. Wolfwood answers Kansas, while Vash answers New Oregon. Vash and Wolfwood argue again and the man shuts them up. Vash and Wolfwood apologize as the truck continuos driving.

Over at Little Jersey, Meryl mentions how the place is really falling apart. A man explains how a nice guy came over to help, but the destruction was the result. Milly enters the scene saying she knows where Vash is. The man questions the name. Meryl explains Vash's story as the Humanoid Typhoon. But the man pulls out a wanted poster of Vash, featuring an SD Vash, eating donuts and weeping at the same time. Meryl dulls says Vash's favorite food is donuts. Then man can't believe that nutcase was indeed the legendary gunman. Milly gives more information about Vash, saying he's heading to New Oregon.

In some unknown area, a group of men appear to be devising a plan against the Polo family. The plan is settled but one man doesn't seem so thrilled...

In New Oregon, a voice announces that a typhoon is headed. Not the Humanoid Typhoon, a real one named Jacquelyn. The townsfolk of New Oregon are getting prepared for the storm as Vash and Wolfwood are over at a restaurant, eating red spaghetti. Wolfwood jokes about Vash's relation to Jacquelyn as Vash scarfs down the spaghetti. Wolfwood then tells Vash that this town isn't safe. There is a quarrel between the Polo and Freeze family. A distant relative of the Freeze family was just murder and it's a high stakes feud. Vash begins to whimper and Wolfwood stops him. Wolfwood continues talking about the situation, but finds Vash has been replaced by Kuroneko (very funny scene). As Vash walks away, Wolfwood calls him "Needle Noggin".

Afterwards, a man walks in telling Slader Polo someone's asking to be let in. Vash explains he came by to see his old friend, Max Simon. Slader Polo gives permission and Vash walks away.

Now Meryl and Milly are hostages on the sandsteamer while Vash enters Max Simon's room, saying Max hasn't changed a bit. They talk some until a HUGE crash is heard. It turns out to be the sandsteamer Meryl and Milly are being held hostage. The bandits break out, heading toward Slader Polo. An announcer explains how a sandsteamer has just crashed into his place of work while Slader Polo rushes into the room. The door is shot down, while Wolfwood tries to get through the crowd. The leader of the bandits announces that Slader Polo is now his hostage. Vash decides to step in.

Back on the sandsteamer, the remaining bandit announces their plan. To kill Polo and use Jacquelyn for cover. Meryl questions the name and the bandit explains it's the incoming typhoon. Meryl and Milly laugh at their mistake and Meryl claims that not the answer see wanted. Meryl... uh...Meryl does a few tricks with her feet and then manages to knock out the bandit with Milly's Stungun, and they make their escape.

Vash takes to bandits down and using his gun, shoots two bandits' gun right out of their hands. They as if Vash is a Polo bodyguard and Vash answers he is not. Max Simon announces that the man is Vash the Stampede. In fear, the two men runoff after Vash appears to be aiming his gun at them.

Slader Polo is still being held hostage and one of the men is about to pull the trigger on him. The leader stops him, just as the previous to bandits bust in warning Vash the Stampede is coming. The bandits are in shock but the leader tells them to keep calm. Footsteps are hear and Vash begins to sing. Vash and the leader begin to talk, but one of the men hesitates and shoots a large missile at Vash. Vash kicks away the missile and using his gun, knocks out all of the bandits except for the leader, who has escaped, and one other man. The man explains how Slader Polo has killed his daughter and he wants revenge. Vash attempts to stop the man, getting a few punches as the crowd listens. As a final attempt, Vash gets on his knees and begins to beg for the man to stop. Crying, the man does stop. Just then, Meryl and Milly enter the room and Meryl is relieved Vash is okay. She also says that they should get out of there before the calvary arrives.

Later on, Vash, Meryl, Milly, and Wolfwood are on a cliff, looking at the town of New Oregon. Wolfwood gives Vash a tip and walks away with Milly following him. Meryl hands Vash and icepack and sits next to him. Vash says long time, no see and Meryl agrees.

Elsewhere, the bandit leader appears, splits apart, and floats into an old man's suitcase. The old man announces he has found Vash the Stampede and he has begun to move. And this announcement was to... Legato.



Short Summary:
Vash goes back to his former home in need for some new clothes and weapons. Vash gets his lovely red suit back and a brand new machine gun in replace for his left arm hidden gun. But an unexpected visitor has arrived.



Short Summary:
The Gung-Ho Guns make a comeback as Grey the Ninelives and Hopperd the Gantlet strike, and both are planning to destroy the city's plant.



Under the darkness of night, Vash stares at the campfire and is reminded of the many gunshots. Wolfwood sighs, telling him they did everything they could, it was just fate that things turned out this way. Vash replies death shouldn't be given a simple word and he recalls the residents of Sky City dying, Brad being shot, and being in front Brad's grave. Vash knows he wa s the one who killed Brad. Meryl, who was supposedly asleep, is wide awake, and has heard everything.

Arriving into the next town, the men guarding the gate won't let them in. Vash gives in, and turns back to spot a child searching through their things. The child notices he is caught, so he runs off with a water bottle. He doesn't get very far, because Milly ends up blocking him and then asks him to say 'thank you' to Vash. He does so and quickly leaves. The group follows this boy to a small building. After knocking, the door opens and the children of the building start throwing items at them. Wolfwood quickly offers some food and they are welcomed in.

The children are all orphans and in every area, except Keebas, the town which the group was not allowed in, was abandoned. All of the orphan's parents had stopped what they were doing and began to walk away as if something were controlling them. The orphan Vash and Wolfwood are talking to also mentions a voice that said, 'This is what you get for taking so long.' Vash knows it was Him... Knives. After a great supper, Meryl tucks in the sleeping orphans. The blonde boy who took Vash's water bottle earlier begins to cry in his sleep. Seeing this, Vash feels that he just can't leave the kids. Wolfwood tells Vash to loosen up, so he offers Vash a drink. But back in Keebas, hidden in the darkness, is Legato. Some townsfolk run over after hearing a gunshot and find the gates open and two men dead. Nearby the site, is Midvalley the Hornfreak.

That morning, the orphanage is rudely awaken by the men of Keebas firing at them. Vash and Wolfwood walk out, but they are beaten for being accused of killing the two men last night. The ground then begins to shake and a gigantic sandworm erupts. Everyone wonders what sandworms are doing there. Before Vash and Wolfwood distract the sandworms so the others can get to safety, the blonde boy wishes Vash good luck. The two run about and discover this is too organized for regular sandworms. Someone must be controlling them. Vash then realizes that this must mean the sandworms are also in the town. Once there, Vash orders Meryl and Milly to take the children to the tops of buildings where it's safe. One of the boys runs off, so Milly and Wolfwood follow him. Vash begins to fire his machine gun to stop the sandworms but there are too many. A sandworm begins to reach over to Wolfwood and another at Vash. Vash runs out of bullets, so he is forced to draw his silver gun. As he passes the children, something is strange about the blonde boy.

Vash fires his gun and the sandworms begin to retreat. But Vash had fired his gun an opposite direction of the sandworm. It turns out Vash had shot at a green device that was controlling the sandworm in the blonde boy's hair. Vash asks why has he done this. The boy smirks and he pulls off his poncho. The boy is the fourth Gung-Ho-Gun, Zazie the Beast. Zazie says he hates children because they lack free will. He aims one gun at Meryl and the other at Vash after he shoots away Vash's gun. Vash replies that Zazie is forcing himself to do this because he witnessed him crying last night. Zazie shoots at Vash's shoulder saying that he is a demon now. But Vash continues talking and Zazie appears to be giving in. Suddenly, Zazie is shot in the temple and is killed. In horror, Vash turns to see how had shot him - Wolfwood. Wolfwood explains that if he hadn't shot him, Vash would be the one lying there dead. He punches Vash to the ground saying there was no other alternative for them if they want to survive. Vash disagrees. They are searching for a place where people can live. Not wanting to hear anymore of this, Wolfwood walks away. Overlooking the town, is a man with a large, metal cross. He smiles and in his hand is a green apple...




The episode begins with Wolfwood explaining his past. A gunshot is heard in the town he grew up in. Wolfwood reveals that at the age of seven, he picked up his first gun and fired. With that one shot, he killed the man who called himself Wolfwood's guardian. Young Wolfwood was then raised by Chapel the Evergreen, who taught him to be the Wolfwood we now know. Wolfwood also explained how he did not want other kids to grow up like him, so he started his own orphanage. He was doing something for the good of others. Yet, Wolfwood sometimes think to himself that there is nowhere else worse than the planet which he lives on.

In a town, empty and ghost-like, Vash stares at the monument with "Knives" written on it. Meryl watches him from close by. Vash remembers Brad and Zazie's death, and his struggle with Wolfwood. Suddenly, Meryl hears a gunshot. She looks to see Vash has just fired his gun at "I" in Knives. Vash asks himself how he does not understand how his brother can enjoy this.

Wolfwood is fixing his motorcycle and starts to smoke. He recalls Vash saying Zazie was not going to shoot him. He also recalls Milly's grim face and pleads her not to look at him like that. Wolfwood then hears footsteps. His eyes widen until he turns around to see Chapel.

Wolfwood tries to grab his master's apple, but is unsuccessful. Chapel grabs Wolfwood by his shirt collar and tells his student that he is hesitating. Chapel then asks Wolfwood why he has changed. Wolfwood responds he has been traveling around with a real troublemaker. Chapel orders his student to kill this man, Vash the Stampede, now. Wolfwood replies that Knives himself told him to bring back Vash alive. Chapel tells his student that the order has been retracted and Wolfwood is now a Gung-Ho-Gun.

In the desert, a masked man extends his extremely long sniper rifle. He loads, aims, and blends into his surroundings. It appears he is aiming for the town below him.

Wolfwood comes across Vash, and the two remain speechless. Eventually, Wolfwood walks off leaving Vash shocked. At the house he's staying in, Wolfwood thinks about his encounter with Vash that day. His thoughts are interrupted by Milly, who walks in offering sandwiches and coffee. Wolfwood asks Milly why she has not said anything about shooting Zazie. Milly answers that both he and Vash were right in ways. Wolfwood then asks how Vash can say that no one had to die. Milly tells him that is the way Vash has lived his entire life. Through flashbacks, it is proven this is how Vash is.

Wolfwood begins to cry and Milly embraces him. He drops his coffee mug and Milly asks him to eat the sandwiches. Wolfwood asks if Milly would like to eat them with him. That night, Meryl looks out the window, wondering where Milly is. Vash, still depressed, asks Rem what he should do. And Milly, is asleep in a bed. A shirtless Wolfwood glares out the window.

The next morning, Vash walks out to be greeted by Wolfwood. Suddenly, Wolfwood reveals his Cross Punisher II and aims at Vash. Wolfwood orders Vash to draw his gun. Vash says he will only do so if Wolfwood promises to never shoot anyone again. Wolfwood asks Vash what does he intend to do when he finds Knives. Vash explains how Knives had taken someone very important to him many years ago. Wolfwood then asks if it's revenge. Vash simply answers he doesn't know. Wolfwood withdraws his Cross Punisher II until a bullet is fired from nowhere. The two run into a building for cover.

Vash asks who is firing. Wolfwood explains it is Caine the Longshot and he is not alone. Wolfwood tells Vash to take care of Caine, the other is his. Vash jumps out and drives away in a nearby car. Wolfwood looks behind him to see Chapel. Chapel reveals his cross, which are actually two machine guns. The duel between Wolfwood and Chapel begin. Meanwhile, Meryl enters a room asking about the gunfire, but instead, she finds Milly. Milly explains how Wolfwood made her promise to stay there until he comes back.

Vash is driving, trying to avoid Caine's fire, while Wolfwood is trying to defeat Chapel. Vash's car soon comes to a stop and Caine begins to aim the final shot. Before that happens, Caine's gun is shot down by Vash. Defeated, Caine pulls out another gun and aims for his own head. Wolfwood continues fighting Chapel until his master drops his guns in exhaustion. Instead of firing, Wolfwood withdraws his weapon. He walks up to his master and takes the green apple that he had failed to catch before. Chapel asks why his student chose otherwise. Wolfwood answers he just did things differently before walking away. With Wolfwood's back turned, something appears to have taken over Chapel. Chapel again aims at his student and tries to warn him. Wolfwood does turn, expecting his master not to shoot. Chapel fires.

Wolfwood walks back to Vash, who is saddened that he failed to save someone again. Wolfwood then states that Knives is in Demetry. Vash is shocked and asks how he knew that. Vash looks up to see Wolfwood gone, but he sees a trail of blood as well.

Wolfwood walks into a church and leans against his cross. More blood drips from his body as he starts to ask for God's forgiveness. Wolfwood falls to his knees, saying that today he made peace with himself. He asks why he did not see that Vash's ways were right before it was too late. He lights a cigarette, but he remembers Milly telling him smoking is bad. Wolfwood apologizes and lets the cig drop from his mouth. Wolfwood then says he would like to be reincarnated in somewhere peaceful. In Eden, he would be with Vash, Milly, and Meryl. Wolfwood tries to get up, saying he wants to say he with them, he does not want to die. Wolfwood remembers his past and begins to cry. His hand falls to the floor. His eyes close...

Back in the house, Milly cries uncontrollably, Meryl hides her faces as she cries, and outside, Vash remains silent.



In an unknown location, a pair of thomases pull in a metal wagon, toward a figure. Out of wagon steps out Midvalley and Legato. The man waiting for them is Chapel. Legato walks toward to Chapel, explaining he had been expecting him and he knows that Chapel is angry at him for forcing him to kill Wolfwood. Suddenly, Chapel reveals his two machine guns and is ready to fire until he falls upon Legato's mind control. As Chapel screams in his painful stance, Midvalley gets ready to play his saxophone. He stops as the metal doors behind Chapel open revealing... Knives.

Knives walks to Chapel, asking why has he come. Knives then explains how Chapel's decision and the human race are pathetic. So, Knives begins to engulf Chapel in a black ball of darkness. Midvalley looks in disgust as Chapel vanishes into nothing. Legato looks up to his master, saying he understands. Vash the Stampede shall face eternal pain and suffering.

In the town of LR, Vash buys a bag of donuts and eats them in delight. After taking a bite from one, he then drops the donut he was eating and the whole bag as he begins to cry, covering his face in his hands.

Back in Tonim Town are Meryl and Milly. With a sad look on her face, Meryl remembers seeing Vash silently leave. She stands in his way and demands to know who Knives is. Instead, Vash answers how everyone is dying because of him. That is why Meryl can not stay with him. Again Meryl who Knives is. Vash finally tells her that he is his brother. Meryl is completely shocked.

Vash explains the conflict he and his brother had. Meryl listens as tears begin to form. After telling the whole story, Vash began to walk out the door, reminding Meryl there is girl who really needs her support. Meryl's thoughts are stopped by Milly, who asks if Meryl is going to follow Vash. In a happy tone, Meryl quickly rants on how they should get the report done. Milly interrupts saying she can handle it. Milly then explains with a smile on her face how if they don't work, they don't get paid. But Meryl can tell Milly is hiding her sadness. Getting ready to leave, the two silently cry.

Two boys marvel at the sight of a grown-up crying. Vash explains that everyone feels like crying sometimes. One of them asks why he is crying. Vash answers a friend of his died. But then, the two start saying that it was because of him Wolfwood had to die. Vash looks up and the two boys collapse. He looks around to see the once active town have all stopped and suffered the same fate as the two boys. Vash quickly turns around to find Legato.

Just as Vash is ready to draw his gun, a child speaks up saying someone will die if he does so. Legato tells Vash had already killed many, he only thinks he had not because Vash did not personally pull the trigger. In anger, Vash aims at Legato. Legato then reveals to Vash that his left arm is actually Vash's. Surprised by this, Vash is told that Legato will be waiting for him on the mountain. Legato walks away and the townspeople slowly recover.

A man begins to speak up, introducing himself as the eleventh Gung-Ho-Gun, Midvalley the Hornfreak. Midvalley calls Vash by his full title and the people quickly rush out, leaving the town empty.

As Midvalley raises his saxophone to his lips, Vash quickly fires a bullet. But Midvalley plays his saxophone and the bullet is pushed back before it even gets near him. No matter how many times Vash fires, Midvalley is able to push the bullet back and cause destruction as he plays his saxophone. Vash asks why Midvalley hasn't finished him off yet. Midvalley answers he is under orders. Vash knows he means Knives.

A man begins to walk forward and Vash knows this is by Legato's work. Midvalley begins to play his saxophone again and Vash quickly shields the man. With every hit, Vash becomes more injured and weak.

Outside of town is Meryl and Milly. Meryl stops in remembering Vash's words. Milly tells her to stop because she is going to regret it later. Meryl snaps out of it and a man walks up to them. Meryl offers the man water but he looks up at her with expressionless eyes.

With his gun out of reach, Vash remains on the ground. Midvalley walks up to him and Vash quickly reveals his machine gun. But before Vash can fire, Midvalley stops him. Midvalley gets ready to play his saxophone again and Vash begins to fire. After the attack, Midvalley blows into his saxophone but no sound comes out. But Midvalley isn't finished yet. His saxophone opens up, revealing a number of bullets. Vash tries to stop him but Midvalley smirks as he fires. As the dust settles, it is revealed that Midvalley has committed suicide. Saddened by seeing another one die, Vash knows he has to face Legato.

On the mountain, Legato explains how both he and Vash should have died a long time ago. This is why he is ending it now. Vash fires at Legato and aims his gun to Legato's head. Legato then raises his hand and the top of Vash's gun blows off. The light begins to grow and Vash's arm slowly transforms into an Angel Arm. Vash remembers Meryl, Milly, Wolfwood, Lina, and Rem and he manages to cancel out the transformation.

A bullet is fired and Vash is knocked down. He looks to see the townspeople under Legato's mind control. Vash aims at Legato's again. Legato asks why hasn't Vash shot him yet, he wants to die. Vash refuses to kill Legato and he puts down his gun. Legato sends out two more people: Meryl and Milly, who are tortured by the townspeople. Using his mind control, Legato forces Vash to aim his gun at him again. Legato tells Vash it is foolish to listen to the words of a woman who's idealistic terms are worthless. Rem Saverem, a wasted existence, a worthless human being just like himself, Legato. Enraged more than ever, Vash stands up, still aiming at Legato.

Vash remembers the words of Wolfwood and Rem as he hears Meryl and Milly's cries for help. A tear falls from his eyes as Vash's vision of Rem fades away. Vash pulls back the trigger, the barrel turns, and he fires. Legato's body drops to the floor, dead.

Legato has kept his words. He has made Vash face eternal pain and suffering. In the far distance, Knives begins to evilly laugh in triumph.



Hearing Rem's voice, Vash slowly awakens. He looks around the room and gets up. Vash wonders where he is, until suddenly... he remembers. Wolfwood, leaving Meryl and Milly, Midvalley, Legato... His eyes widen in shock. Vash remembers standing in front of Legato's dead body. He was the one who pulled the trigger. He was the one who killed him. Vash grieves until he hears Meryl's voice from behind the door. Meryl enters the room and there is silence for a moment until Meryl speaks up, saying she is glad to see Vash up.

Meryl explains that they are in a small village about 200 iles away from L.R. and explains how they let them stay in the house so the could heal Vash's wounds. She offers Vash some of her soup, but Vash simply says he remembers, everything. Meryl looks saddened for a second until she makes up an excuse that she has to go somewhere. She leaves, closing the door, but she lays against the door to hear Vash's cries turn into screams.

While walking through the village, an old man asks Meryl how her friend is doing. Meryl replies that he has finally regained consciousness. Suddenly, out of the well sprays a large rock that just nearly misses Meryl. Milly pops out of the well and apologizes.

Meryl and Milly begin to talk and Milly says she is glad to her that Vash is awake. Meryl tells Milly that she is sorry for making her do all the work. Milly replies saying not to worry, besides while she works, she claims she does not have time to think about her problems. Meryl then asks how the well is going. Milly answers that they should reach the underground water vein in a week.

With bags of groceries in their hands, Milly explains to Meryl how the village reminds her of her hometown. Although it was a quiet, ordinary village, it was a great place to live because her whole family was there. Suddenly, something catches Meryl's eye. She spots a man in the cliff, and recognizes that it is Vash.

Vash looks onto the horizon, knowing his brother, Knives, is out there. He remembers Wolfwood asking him what he would do when he does find Knives. Vash answers that Knives stole someone who was very important to him. Wolfwood then asks if it is revenge. Vash told him he did not know.

Vash asks Wolfwood what he should do. He actually killed someone with his own hands. He is no different from his brother. Vash begins to cry to Rem, saying he is sorry for what he has done. Meryl and Milly appear, asking what Vash is doing there. Vash answers he has to go to Rem. Meryl asks what Vash is talking about. Crying, Vash says he killed Legato and there had to be another way to end that. He calls to Rem until he collapses to the floor.

Back in the house they are staying in, Meryl explains how it was a bad idea to follow Vash after all. If they did not go, Vash would not have to suffer like this. Milly tells Meryl that she is wrong. Meryl followed Vash because she cares about him. With her head down, Meryl says maybe Milly should be making the decisions now. Milly looks in confusion, but Meryl snaps out of it telling her to never mind, they have a lot of work to do.

As the days pass, Meryl and Milly worked on the well as Vash slowly recovered. One night, while sewing Vash's red coat, Meryl accidentally pokes her finger with the needle. She looks up and sees the Fifth Moon and its crater, and is reminded of Vash.

One day, Meryl and Milly left the house while Vash stayed outside on the porch. Noticing a mysterious black cat beside him, Vash decides to offer his hand. Instead, the black cat scratches him and runs off (Bad Kuroneko!!). Meanwhile, a truck pulls over and a man walks out, explaining how there have been a number of disappearances. He notices Vash, but cannot exactly remember him. Unfortunately, another man inside the truck does. He orders his friend to get inside the truck and they drive off. The man asks what is going on and his friend says that was Vash the Stampede.

That night, Vash is on a cliff, stargazing. Quietly, he begins to sing "Sound Life" until someone joins in. Meryl walks over and sits down beside him. Meryl tells Vash he can stay as long as he likes. Vash replies it sounds nice, he would really like to. Meryl smiles and continuos to look at the stars.

The next morning, Meryl walks inside the house, apologizing she is late because she did not get enough sleep last night. She is interrupted by Milly, who is surrounded by angry men. Seeing this, Meryl gets a very worried look on her face. The men begin to surround Meryl and Milly, scolding them for bringing Vash the Stampede to endanger their lives. Meryl looks out the window to see Vash being continuously dragged by a truck.

The man driving the truck walks up to Vash and asks him if Vash felt the pain of the people who died. They continue to let Vash suffer so Meryl runs up to him with Milly following behind. Meryl begs the man not to kill Vash, but the man argues that they have every right to shoot at him. Meryl raises her head, telling the man he is wrong. No one has the right to take the life of another. Everyone deserves a future.

Vash slowly begins to look up, his eyes widening. Meryl's words are that of Rem's. Vash looks at Meryl and sees her resemblance to Rem. He has seen the Rem Saverem in her. Although the man is aiming at her, Meryl slowly walks up to him. She says they have to stop the hatred, they were not born to cause others harm. Everyone watches, as the man does not fire as Meryl puts down the gun.

Time has passed and the men have left. Vash asks how Meryl and Milly could have been so reckless. Milly replies what they did is exactly what Vash has always done. And in her heart, Milly knows Wolfwood would have chosen to do the same. Vash smiles, exclaiming they have just given him the answer. He runs up to Meryl and hugs her. This shocks Meryl at first, but she soon begins to smile. Vash explains that even if a mistake is made, as long as you realize your mistake it is possible to make it right again. And if you keep your vision clear, you will see the future. Vash kisses Meryl on the cheek, and unfortunately gets over-excited, so Meryl is forced to punch him down. Vash falls to the ground, complaining he is already injured as Meryl and Milly walk away.

The next morning, the sun slowly rises as Vash fixes himself up. Looking at his red coat, he explains the geranium, the flower Rem loved. Putting it on, Vash states that in the language of the flowers, geraniums mean "determination". Vash looks at his silver gun as he remembers some words of his brother. He spins his gun on his finger, places it into his pocket, and walks out the door.

Just outside, is Meryl. She asks Vash if he is going and Vash replies that he is and also tells Meryl not to worry. Meryl looks up and smiles, telling him good luck. Vash smiles back and thanks her for everything. Milly runs up to Vash, placing Wolfwood's Cross in front of him. Milly explains how she wants Vash to take it with him; it would honor Wolfwood. Vash takes the cross, saying it is pretty heavy. Milly smiles, replying of course it is; That's because it's full of mercy.

With the cross on his back, Vash says good-bye and walks off into the horizon. Meryl and Milly wave good-bye as well. Seeing Vash fade away, Meryl begins to cry, saying she could not say anything to him. Milly tries to cheer her up by saying she can tell him everything when he gets back.

With the wind strongly blowing against him, Vash remembers Rem telling Vash to take care of Knives as the Project Seeds escape pod closed shut. Vash says he finally understands the last thing Rem tried to tell him. Vash will never go wrong again; humans are survivors, so Vash will take care of his brother. He will save Knives.



The dual suns shine above the desert planet, with Wolfwood's cross on his back, Vash heads toward his brother Knives. It appears Knives has been living in a greenish area, filled with grass and trees. Knives takes a sip of wine and then turns to see his brother has arrived. Knives smiles and waves as Vash puts down Wolfwood's cross and pushes into the ground. As they silently stare, the flashbacks begin.

130 years ago, Knives and Vash landed onto the planet. Though Vash could not stand his brother for killing the entire crew, he followed him. Knives says the humans will leech of their siblings, the plants. Vash asks if that is why Knives kills people. Knives answers he is correct, he kills spiders to save the butterflies. Still angry, Vash continues following his brother. But that night, when Knives fast asleep, Vash is stood next to him with a large rock. He reminds himself he killed the crew but remembering Rem's words, Vash stops. The next morning, Vash wakes up too see his brother with a friendly smile.

A few months later, the human race slowly settled on the land. One man became angered, cut into a line for water, and greedily took some water for himself. The people were angered and the fighting began. Knives and Vash, who were on an overlooking cliff, saw all of this. Knives says that is the true nature of the human race. They are all selfish, arrogant, and imperfect. Knives evilly widens his eyes causing a nearby plant to glow brightly. Knives tells Vash they were born with free will, and he walked away.

Ten years later, although the brothers are only eleven, they now look like full grown men. Knives says he found it, referring to a remaining Project Seeds ship. Knives looks inside and tells Vash that he is going to find something he left behind and it might take a while, so he suggests Vash should stay behind. And one year later, Vash is still there. But just then, Knives finally returned.

After leaving the ship, Vash asks where Knives is now going. A blast of wind and light occur, and Vash covers himself. The blast was caused by Knives, holding a black gun. He turns to Vash saying a silver gun is now his brother's. Knives says they will use the two guns to destroy the human race. Vash replies he would never do that. Knives asks why Vash followed him and waited for him. He then asks if it's because Vash knows he's hopeless on his own.

Knives tells Vash to just watch him kill them. Vash knocks down Knives and the two guns are dropped. They race for their guns. Knives gets his first and aims at Vash. Knives asks his brother if Vash is still affected by Rem's words and he puts down his gun. Vash quickly picks up his gun, saying he won't allow Knives to kill anymore people. Knives replies Vash has misunderstood him and he's aiming at the wrong person. Vash knows this is wrong and he suddenly shoots Knives' right leg. Knives can't believe Vash actually shot him. Vash runs off in tears, grabbing both the silver and black gun, and leaving Knives in pain.

Two years later, Vash wandered the planet on his own until he suddenly collapsed. When he regained consciousness, Vash learned he was saved by the residents of Sky City, the Project Seeds ship that didn't crash onto the planet. There, Vash got his red jacket and left for a while. Vash worked on his gunmanship, got drunk, and just watched the sunset. Vash returned to Sky City and 80 years later, Vash (with The Doctor and a young Jessica and Brad close by) was looking through the ships files and learned a relative of Rem (Alex Saverem???) was alive and living in Julycity. Vash left the ship and arrived in Julycity. There, he found Knives and the Julycity incident occurred. Vash was left in the city, surrounded by wreckage.

Sometime later, Knives had ordered Legato to make sure Vash would suffer for all eternity. Legato promises he will do as ordered, he will make sure the man belonging to his left arm will suffer. Then all the Gung-Ho-Guns are shown. From Monev to Midvalley. This includes the death of Brad and Nicholas D. Wolfwood. And finally, it shows Vash forced to kill Legato. Returning to the present, Knives asks his brother if the humans treated him well and if he had fun. Vash smiles, answering he did, it was the best thing that ever happened to him. And Vash pulled out his gun and aimed at Knives.

The showdown begins. The gun's bullets fly everywhere, destroying about everything. It comes to a point when both Knives and Vash lose their guns (including Vash's Machine Gun). The brothers race toward their black and silver guns, grabbing it at the same time, as well as aiming at the same time. They are about to fire but they now see each other's gun right in front of their face. One hand is holding the other gun's revolver, while the other hand is on the trigger. At the same time, they unloaded the other's gun, grab one bullet, load, and get ready to fire. This time, one hand is on the trigger, while the other hand is trying to shop the other brother's hand.

The two brothers wait for the next move. They fire, but Vash gets shot and is thrown to the ground. Knives aims again but the top part fly out. Vash knows what's going to happen. Knives' right arm transforms into a bigger, stronger Angel Arm. Vash remembers the destruction of Julycity and Augusta, and the time he had shot Knives in the leg. Knives fires his Angel Arm. A white ball of energy pushes away the ground as it spreads, but that white ball is covered by a black one. It was Vash with his stronger Angel Arm that canceled out Knives'.

They charge up their Angel Arms as Knives tells Vash he is not human, but a plant. Vash replies he knows. Knives then tells Vash he's a superior being. Vash disagrees. They fire, but the blast does not spread because their arms are trying to cancel out each other. Their arms soon turn back to normal. Vash falls to ground and Knives reloads his gun, and then shoots five times. Vash fires from his gun, but nothing happens. Knives kicks Vash away, sending Vash's gun into the air. Knives catches the silver gun and turns BOTH of his arms into Angel Arms.

Vash closes his eyes until he hears Wolfwood's voice. Knives begins to charge as Wolfwood tells Vash "it's" right next to him. Vash knows what to do. He reaches into the ground and pulls out... Wolfwood's Cross Punisher No.2. Knives looks in fear as Vash fires. The multiple bullets turn Knives' arms back to normal as Vash reaches for his gun. Vash aims his gun, a few flashbacks occur, and Vash fires. The bullet goes straight through Knives. After a few seconds of pain, Knives fires at Vash again. Vash reloads and begins to fire again. The last bullet knocks away Knives' gun. Knives' is motionless, yet alive. Vash walks over to his brother and says that he will survive.

Meanwhile, the well literally explodes with water and the people rejoice. Milly asks if Vash will come back. Meryl answers of course he will, he wouldn't dare keep a good woman like her waiting.

Vash stares up at the sky, throws his gun onto the ground and his jacket into the air, and then picks up the bandaged Knives. With Knives on his shoulder, Vash tells Rem he will continue to believe in her, but from now on, Vash will look for his own words for guidance. An image of Rem is shown in the sky, smiling down at Vash. Vash begins to walk away from the battle area as the special end credits roll. With a huge smile on his face, Vash knows he can now live in peace and slowly walks back to the town where Meryl and Milly are.


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