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Project SEEDS

Over 130 years ago, the planet Earth was in great despair. It was now impossbile to live there and Project SEEDS was drafted. Project SEEDS' mission was to discover a new planet for the people to live on. The people of Earth were put into some cold sleep until then. The Project SEEDS crew was made up of five people: Joey, Mary, Rowan, Steve, and Rem Saverem.

One day, two alien babies were found. If it weren't for Rem Saverem's acts, they would have been killed. The two baby brothers were named Vash and Knives. In just a year's time the two brothers had grown and became to look like ten year olds. Plus, Vash and Knives' IQ was amazingly higher than the crew's. Steve did not like the two, calling them monsters, as he beat and mocked them.

Rem Saverem, however really cared for them and taught them about things like how important life is and the future. Vash adored Rem, believing she was the most important person in his life. But one tragic day, Knives sprouted a change of heart. Knives devised a plan, killing all the crew except Rem. Knives began to hate the human race, and after killing most of the crew, he decided to get rid of those people in cold sleep as well as crash the ship.

Rem, Vash, and Knives rushed into the spacepods chamber but Rem had chosen to stay behind and try to save the people. Just as the escape pod door closed Rem told Vash to take care of Knives. When the escape pod entered space, Vash got a clear view of the ship exploding and the death of Rem Saverem. Knives revealed his plan to his brother. Knives' plan was to kill all the human race and he and his brother would make their own Eden on the planet. In order to make that Eden possible, Knives only let the plants ship survive. Vash became to hate his brother, as the people in cold sleep fell into a planet...

The Planet Gunsmoke

The planet, which would later be named Gunsmoke, had two suns and three moons hung in the sky. When the escape pod landed, Vash and Knives exited and wandered in the planet for 10 years. When Knives found one of the ships in wreckage, he entered and after a year, he came out with new clothing and two guns. Knives' plan was to use the two guns, one black and one silver. He was to destroy the human race but Vash wouldn't allow it. Following the words of Rem, Vash would not kill anyone, but somehow ended up shooting Knives. Vash took off with the silver and black one, leaving Knives alone in pain.

For two years, Vash wandered alone, until he helped by some residents of Sky City. They gave him that red jacket and Vash stayed there for some time. Until one day, 80 years later, Vash discovered that a relative of Rem (could it possibly be Alex Saverem??) was indeed alive and was living in Julycity. Vash went over there but discovered Knives instead. Knives blew away Vash's left arm and then activated Vash's Angel Arm. With the Angel Arm, Vash had turned Julycity into ruins. For destruction of the city, Vash's head gained the $$60 Billion reward. The main storyline takes place 23 years later...



The NOW...
Vash the Stampede, also known as the Humanoid Typhoon, roams the desert planet with a $$60,000,000,000 reward on his head!! The Bernadelli Insurance sent in Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson to stop Vash's destruction and minimize any problems that already occured. One problem, no one knows exactly what Vash the Stampede looks like! Is it possible that the man in a red coat could be him??

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