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The Governor's Treasures

The most valued items on Lodoss

Saluvan, the last royal governor of Kastuul, charged the Ancient Dragons with protecting the most powerful  magical items in the kingdom. They were:

  1. The Scepter of Domination, guarded by Shooting Star. It's wielder will possess absolute charisma and is able to exert his will upon others(Lost at Fire Dragon montain).

  2. The Staff of Life, guarded by Mycen. It can heal any wound(Stolen later after the crystal ball was).

  3. The crown of Knowledge, guarded by Narse. Its wearer gains all knowledge (After Beld's death, it was lost when the War of the Destroyerswas over).

  4. The Mirror of Truth, guarded by Bramd. Shows true form of all queries (Stolen by the Gray Witch).

  5. The Soul Crystal Ball, guarded by Abram. Brings back the dead (Stolen by Dark Elves).

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