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The Elves of Lodoss

The Accursed Isle is populated by numerous species and magical beings. Who are these strange creatures, and how do they live?

During the war between the gods, both sides summoned beings from the spirit realm to do their bidding. At war's end not all of these spirits returned to their homeland. Those who remained gave up some of their spiritual essence to gain physical  forms. And so the various non-human races on Lodoss were born, including the elves.

Common Elves: Live for 1000 years or more, gathering in small forest villages throughout the island and avoiding contact with other races, who they see as immature. Encounters between elves and other races often lead to conflict. As a result, the elves live in isolation.

Mirror Forest Elves: A splinter group of Common Elves, who, during the War of The Demon Go, joined forces with humans and dwarves, and the experience opened their minds. They concluded the best way to avoid conflicts with other races is understanding through open contacts.

Half Elves (like Leaf): Are the result of a human and elven union. They're rare, and are often  outcasts in in both human and eleven societies. Most common around the Mirror Forest, where elves and human mingle freely.

High Elves (like Deedlit): The most noble of all elves, retaining their original spiritual nature. These immortal beings live in the Forest of No Return. The high Elves have abandoned their material nature and have given up on reproduction. Most married couples live separately. It's their belief that elves, like trees, must have their own space in which to live. Deedlit is the only High Elf born in the last thousand years.

Dark Elves (like Pirotess): The descendants of evil elves who sold their souls to Falis, the god of Darkness. They're despised by other elves and reside only in the Forest of Darkness on Marmo.

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