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Hobbies & Interests
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Hobbies & Interests 
Well I have meany hobbies and I am sure I won't think of them all but here goes....I love to draw anime, watching anime as well...big anime fan...teehee...but I am sure you have guessed that by now. I love to read and I prefer fantasy fav. Music is one of my passions and I am a big fan of R&B and Hip Hop but I do enjoy other kinds of only one type I can't stand is the old type of country...yuuuuuck. Love to go party in clubs and dance. Love to do extrem sports but I think I'm a have to quit most of them even thos I don't want to cause they are ruining my physical you know I get pains from everywhere I ever injured cause of them....but I am sure that rock climbing I'm still going to do it...ROCK CLIMBING ROCKS!!
You know for some reason I love to eh? I also enjoy to sing and I'm pretty good at it too. Love to write as well....poetry or just writing. I love most kinds of movies. I enjoy taking long walks. I love to listen...especialy about what women in general have to say. I love to make people laugh...I enjoy hearing others laugh cause it makes me happy that they are.

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