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Ms Nadesico Characters Info
Misumaru Yurika


Tenkawa Akito
Misumaru Yurika
Megumi Rainard
Hoshino Ruri
Haruka Minato
Inez Fressange
Jiro Yamada (aka. Guy Daikouji)
Aoi Jun
Uribatake Seiya
Misumaru Kouichiro
Erina Kinjo Won
Akatsuki Nagare
Goat Hory
Fukube Jin


Voice Performed by: Houko Kuwashima

Height: 166 cm
Weight: 52kg
Measurements: 85cm-58cm-86cm

The bubbly and cheerful tactical genious captain of the ship. Childhood friend of Akito and has a very weird crush/unending love for him. Hard to explain... Also she lacks common sense, sort of. Her father is a high admiral for the Earth military (who's equally wacked). She seems kinda ditzy but there's a depth to her character that's hard to fathom. Oh yeah, she's another "main" character, so to speak.  and yes, to you who are impatent, She does get Akito in the end. It's almost obvious, but it seems weird, doesn't it? Oh, because of her Martian birth, she also can Bosom jump.