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Ms Nadesico Characters Info
Inez Fressange


Tenkawa Akito
Misumaru Yurika
Megumi Rainard
Hoshino Ruri
Haruka Minato
Inez Fressange
Jiro Yamada (aka. Guy Daikouji)
Aoi Jun
Uribatake Seiya
Misumaru Kouichiro
Erina Kinjo Won
Akatsuki Nagare
Goat Hory
Fukube Jin


Voice Performed By: Naoko Matsui

Height: 172 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Measurements: 85cm-60cm-86cm

  Scientist, and slightly of a "twisted old maid." She appears for the first time as Nadesico reaches Mars. A secretive character at first, but ending up doing a lot of, um, explaning. Kinda the scientist/doctor type role. And her true identity is a big plot twist that doesn't really do much other than explain why is the ending the way it is and shock the audience. Guess she hass been explaning stuff all along. Oh yeah, she's Ai, the little girl with the orange in episode 1 (and 10 frames in the OP). When Akito Boson jumped to Earth from Mars in episode 1, Ai also jumped from the shelter to the ancient ruins of Mars but about 19 years earlier. I'll stop here...