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Ms Nadesico Characters Info
Tenkawa Akito


Tenkawa Akito
Misumaru Yurika
Megumi Rainard
Hoshino Ruri
Haruka Minato
Inez Fressange
Jiro Yamada (aka. Guy Daikouji)
Aoi Jun
Uribatake Seiya
Misumaru Kouichiro
Erina Kinjo Won
Akatsuki Nagare
Goat Hory
Fukube Jin


Voice Performed by: Yuuji Ueda

Age: 18

Height: 175 cm
Weight: 62 kg


Hobbies: Watching Anime(Gekikan)

Main guy. You can't miss him. The pilot cook-wannabe. I'm not going to bother telling you about him since that's what the story is about. I guess you just need to know he's your typical confused shouen mecha pilot. Oh also Akito and Yurika were childhood friends back on Mars, and Akito's parents were murdered (and obviously he wants to find out all about it, of course).