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Minor Characters
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Episode(s): 23 - Alternative
Like all the other orphans, Richie arrived three months before Vash and gang arrived. What happened to their parents was that they stopped what they were doing and began to walk, without saying a word. Richie tells Vash that during the strange event, he heard someone says "This is what you get for taking so long". Vash knows this was all done by Knives.

Episode(s): 17 - Rem Saverem
Crew member of Project Seeds, Rowan secretly loved Mary and hated Steve for always hitting on her. When Steve had been sent into the cold sleep chamber, Rowan adjusted the chamber and killed him. After that, he proposed marriage to Mary, who refused to, after hearing about Steve's death. Threatening to tell everyone, Rowan shoots Mary dead. The rest of the crew rush over to see what has happened and Rowan points his gun at Knives, who happens to be the one who told Rowan to get rid of Steve for good. Rem tries to talk Rowan out of shooting, but Joey opens an airlock, where Rowan is sucked into space.

Ruth Loose
Episode(s): 01 - The $$60,000,000,000 Man
Like many, Ruth Loose is after the legendary gunman, Vash the Stampede. He is a blond haired man, wearing a red coat, and carries a big handgun. After meeting with Descartes in the desert, he believes the huge man is the man he's after. But, Descartes starts believing that the $$60 Billion is him. After things are settled, and Descartes is defeated by Vash, Ruth Loose is taken down by Descartes boomerang. The explosion that lead to the destruction of the nearby town was done by Ruth.