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Minor Characters
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Patricia Nebraska
Episode(s): 14 - Little Arcadia
Patricia proves that the Nebraska Family is just one weird family. Mother of Gofsef (from Episode 5), Marilyn, Chinpei, Tonchiki, and Kanta, she and her daughter are hired by Morgan to kill Badwick's parents. As an attack, Patricia throws her three sons who act as a human cannonball. When Chinpei is taken out by a bullet from Vash, Patricia retreats.

Episode(s): 25 - Live Through
Arriving into the small town, Petori mentions his family is missing and that there has been mass disappearances in the twelve towns, with no trace. The town Petori has arrived is the only peaceful town left. He notices Vash sitting on a porch, but he can't seem to exactly remember him. However, his friend, Simon, does.

Professor Nebraska
Episode(s): 05 - Hard Puncher
Needing the $$60 Billion for the damaged plant, Professor Nebraska and his son, Gofsef, were released from jail and hired of the chairman of Inepril City as a last resort to get Vash the Stampede. When his son is defeated, Professor Nebraska confronts Vash, but is easily defeated with a dart gun Vash used.