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Minor Characters
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Episode(s): 19 - Hang Fire
Back at the Bernardelli Insurance Society main headquarters, Mark is also one of Meryl's office mates. It appears he only knows Meryl by her job of staying with Vash. He asks questions about the Fifth Moon incident, by Karen interuppts him, saying this is not a tourist attraction.

Episode(s): 17 - Rem Saverem
A crew member of Project Seeds, Mary was always being hit on by Steve. Rowan hated this and adjusted the cold sleep chamber to kill Steve. When Rowan proposes marriage to her, she refuses after hearing about Steve's death. Mary then threatens to reveal to everyone what Rowan had did, so she is shot and killed by Rowan. Although, it was Knives who was the one who started this entire chaos.

Episode(s): 02 - Truth of Mistake
Maryanne is marshall of the town where Vash is hired as a bodyguard for Cliff Cesar's guest. And the guest happens to Maryanne under disguise. Vash then comes in and saves the day as Maryanne arrests Cliff. Not only that, Maryanne happens to be the only woman Vash has tried to hit on that actually likes him back.

Episode(s): 19 - Hang Fire
An old friend of Vash's, Max Simon works as a weather forecaster in New Oregon. Sky City's "The Doctor" seems to know about him, so it's a possibility Max Simon came from there. Max had said he hasn't seen Vash in 10 years. And according to a frame on Slader Polo's desk, Max is the winner of the 10th New Oregon Derby.

Episode(s): 23 - Alternative
Another orphan who's parents began to walk away under Knives' power. When Zazie uses his giant sandworms to attack the town, Mike runs off, and go off Milly and Wolfwood to catch him. When Milly does, a sandworm appears in front of them. The sandworm did not attack, since Vash had found out how to stop them.

Marilyn Nebraska
Episode(s): 14 - Little Arcadia
Daughter of Patricia and Professor Nebraska, Marilyn, her mother, and her three brothers were hired by Morgan to kill Badwick's parents. Marliyn's one loud girl and she doesn't seem pretty smart either. She does mentions that they took the job to cover bail for Professor Nebraska and Gofsef. When Chinpei, her brother, is taken down, Mariyln comforts her weeping mother.

Episode(s): 18 - Goodbye, For Now
Destroying the town with his men, Mohican was believed to be the Humanoid Typhoon by the townfolk. He captures Lina, but he and his men are soon defeated by Vash (who was knwon as "Ericks" at the time) and Wolfwood.

Episode: 11 - Escape From Pain
On a caravan that transports cargo to Fondrique City, Moore is a childhood friend of the caravan's owner foster son, Julius. There, she is dancing girl, but not a very good one. It turns out that caravan delivers human cargo, and she is the next shipment. So she and Julius decide to run away and are helped by Milly, Wolfwood, and Vash.

Episode(s): 14 - Little Arcadia
Morgan is the greedy land owner who wanted the lush, green land Badwick's parents have. He obviously wants the land because it's worth a lot of money. But Badwick's parents will not give up the land's deed no matter what. Morgan had hired their son to kill them, but when that fails, he shows up with his men. And when that doesn't work he sends out Patricia Nebrasksa, her daughter, and her three sons. Morgan soon finds out that he can not control them as Badwick has a change of heart and gets away with the deed.

Episode(s): 15 - Demons Eye
Lounging at the local saloon with some other members of the Roderick Theives, Nagi soon notices that one of the captured girls is staring at a man eating cake. He beats the girl and then turns on the man. The man is no other than Legato Blusuumers. Legato ignores the Roderick until Nagi shoots Legato's fork and sends a fury of bullets. Under Legato's Mind Control, Nagi is killed. Although, the gruesome scene was not shown in the anime. In the manga, we see that Nagi had pulled out his heart.

Nebraska Bros. (Tonchiki, Chinpei, Kanta Nebraska)
Episode(s): 14 - Little Arcadia
Thrown by their mother, Patricia Nebraska, these three brothers act as human cannonballs. And they do cause a lot of destruction. When Badwick rides off with the deed, Morgan orders the Nebraska's too get him. Patricia throws Chinpei, but he is stopped by a bullet. Everyone thought it was from Meryl's Derringers, but it was actually a bullet from Vash's gun. When Chinpei is down, Patricia and the Nebraska's retreat.

Episode(s): 10 - Quick Draw
Working at his family restaurant as a delivery boy, Neil chooses to work instead of playing. This is because his father had left one day, and Neil and his mother were left to pay some debts. They are soon helped out by Wolfwood, as well as Vash. The two men enter in a quick draw competition and the prize is $$50,000. That's enough to pay off the debts and let Neil and his mother keep their restaurant. But during this competition, Neil and his mother are taken hostage by a gang of men, who hoped they could get Wolfwood to kill Vash. Vash and Wolfwood devise a plan, manage to save Neil and his mother, and win the prize money. Unfortunately for Vash and Wolfwood, Neils father returns home at the end of the episode.