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Minor Characters
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Episode(s): 07 - B.D.N. ; 08 - So, Between Wasteland and Sky
Abandoned by his mother after his father's death, Kaito stowed away in the sandsteamer. As it turns out, his father, who Katio had a lot of respect for, was the one who made the sandsteamer. Although Katio does help the Badlad Gang at one point, he and Vash soon join forces to stop the gang from destroying the sandsteamer.

Episode(s): 19 - Hang Fire
Back at the Bernardelli Insurance Society main headquarters, Karen is one of Meryl's office mates and what appears to be her friend. She says it's a miracle that Meryl reutrned alive since she was hanging out with the Humanoid Typhoon for 5 months. Karen also says if Meryl keeps on risking her life like that, she'll never achieve happiness.

Episode(s): 18 - Goodbye, For Now
After Augusta was destroyed by Vash's Angel Arm, Vash was found on the street by Lina. Lina took him home where she and her grandmother, Sheryl took care of him. Like the local townspeople, Lina knew Vash only as "Ericks," and not as the Humanoid Typhoon. After Lina was held captured by the pig-man, Mohican, Vash was forced to leave her since they found out he was the $$60 Bllion man.

Episode(s): 19 - Hang Fire; 20 - Flying Ship
Leader of the bandits that took Slader Polo hostage, he escapes as soon as Vash begins fighting off them. But it is soon revealed that he is actually one of Leonof the Puppetmaster's puppets. It seems to be Leonof's main puppet since Leonof has appeared using it more often than the others and he uses this puppet to deliver some of his messages.