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Minor Characters
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Episode(s): 04 - Love and Peace
Leader of the group of men who take Stephanie Bostock for hostage, Ingway tells the young woman the story of how years ago, the people had managed to make the land usable. Unfortunately, all of those people were killed by her father, "Grim Reaper" Bostock. Later on, during a gunfight with Bostock himself, Ingway does shot him, but just injures him and walks off. But, Bostock is almost killed by the jealous sheriff, Stan.

Episode(s): 23 - Alternative
One night in the town of Keybas, Jeffery saw one of the men opening the town gate. The man opening the gates was under Legato's power and he shot Jeffery dead. Jeffery's best friend arrived to the orphanage with some men to get rid of the only outsiders they knew, Vash and Wolfwood. They beat the two men until the giant sandworms started attacking.

Episode(s): 20 - Flying Ship; 21 - Out of Time
Knowing Vash ever since she was a little girl, Jessica appears to have grown a huge attactment to him, saying she wants to marry him. Brad, who loves her, can't believe that she would choose Vash over him. When Vash returns to Sky City, Leonof's puppet takes her and replaces a very realistic and similar puppet of her in her place. After the ship crashes, Wolfwood finds the real Jessica and tries to warn Vash and Brad, but he was too late. The puppet Jessica took out a gun and shot Brad dead. She visited Brad's grave telling Vash it wasn't his fault, as she ran off crying.

Episode(s): 17 - Rem Saverem
Joey is captain of the Project Seeds ship. He and Rem both raised the young Vash and Knives, and he taught them all about the computer and other things. Joey was forced to kill Rowan by opening an airlock, due to that it seemed Rowan was going to kill Rem, and he had already killed Mary. Joey's life soon ended after that as soon as Knives fired a gun at him.

Episode: 11 - Escape From Pain
Fondrique City's security is so tight that the caravan Julius travels with needs a pass to get in. That pass happens to be tattooed on Julius' arm. When Julius found out that the cargo the caravan transports are humans and the next shipment is his childhood friend, Moore, he decides to run away with her. Although Julius knows that if he leaves, everyone on the caravan would starve. But he loves his foster father, and he can not allow him to continue to do something he knows is wrong. Along on his and Moore's escape, he is helped by Milly, Wolfwood, and Vash.