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Minor Characters
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Gofsef Nebraska
Episode(s): 05 - Hard Puncher
Needing the $$60 Billion for the damaged plant (those lightbulby things), Gofsef and his father, Proffesot Nebraska, were released from jail and hired of the chairman of Inepril City as a last resort to get Vash the Stampede. Gofsef is defeated by Vash, who uses only six bullets in the fight.

"Grim Reaper" Bostock
Episode(s): 04 - Love and Peace
Fifteen years ago, Bostock, the wealthiest man in Orleans, earned his nickname when he came to the town and killed all the people who wanted to making it usable. When his daughter, Stephanie, is held for ransom, he is desperate to get her back safely. Sometime afterwards, he is almost killed by Stan, the sheriff, who is jealous of Bostock.

Episode(s): 09 - Murder Machine
Traveling with her mother and older sister, one of the passengers, Vash the Stampede, spots someone in the desert. The man turns out to be Nicholas D. Wolfwood, who gives up whatever he has left to Helen and her sister so the two won't go hungry. The trip is soon interuppted by robots who start an attack. The bus takes off afterwards, but Helen's mother realizes Helen is missing. Vash and Wolfwood go after her, they find her taken by one of the robots, and then finally rescue her... Right before the two fall into quicksand.