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Minor Characters
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Episode(s): 06 - Lost July
When Julycity was destroyed by Vash, the young Elizabeth swore revenge for the man who did it. When she finally found Vash, she hired an assasin attempt to kill him. And when that failed, she lured Vash into the plants core while it was overloading. Vash some how stopped the plant from exploding and told her that destroying the plant would make her like him, and that he didn't actually remember destroying July.

Frank Marlon
Episode(s): 03 - Peace Maker
Ten years ago, Frank was known as the town hero. When a bandit attacked the town, Frank handed out guns to the townspeople and taught them how to use them. But when a bank robbery occured, his wife and child were killed. Not only did Frank make the guns the bandits used, he handed the guns to them personally. And ever since then, he was known as the town drunk. When Big Brother and his gang attack Warren City, Frank doesn't do a thing. Vash explains to Frank about the situation as the townspeople surrond Big Brother and his gang, holding guns. Soon enough, Frank saves the day.

Episode(s): 19 - Hang Fire
One of the Freeze family bandits, Fris was one of the men left in the sandsteamer to watch over the hostages. Meryl and Milly knock him out and escape.