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Minor Characters
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Episode(s): 22 - Alternative
Yet another child at the orphanage Vash and gang stop by. After Zazie reveals himself as a Gung-Ho Gun, he aims one of his guns at Vash. Carol begins to cry, so Zaize aims another of his guns at Meryl, who is holding her. Wolfwood shoots Zazie, and the orphans are saved, but Vash, Meryl, or Milly are not happy about what Wolfwood had done.

Cliff Cesar
Episode(s): 02 - Truth of Mistake
A short, water baron, Cliff Cesar advertises for an ace gunman like Vash the Stampede to protect his guest, Maryanne. The city was suffering from a water shortage and Cliff gave water to them. But it was Cliif who had dammed up the water cause everything to shrivel up and die. Our Vash comes in to save the day and Cliff gets arrested by the marshal, who turns about to Maryanne.

Episode(s): 01 - The $$60,000,000,000 Man
A very huge man wearing a red coat, is after the legendary gunman, Vash the Stampede. After metting with Ruth Loose in the desert, the two are convinced that the other is Vash. Descartes has a gang of three men, whom he cares nothing about, and owns a giant mechaized bommerang.

Episode(s): 20 - Flying Ship; 21 - Out of Time
The leader of Sky City, the Doctor is a wise man, usually happy, and he knows Vash very well. He knows about Vash's Angel Arm, as well as Knives. The Doctor happens to be the one who gave Vash a new left arm after the incident in Julycity. When Vash returns to Sky City, he upgrades Vash's hidden gun into a new and more powerful machine gun