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Minor Characters
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Episode(s): 25 - Live Through
Arriving into the small town with Petori, Simon notices a blond haired man sitting on the porch. He then orders Petori to get back into the truck they arrived in and quickly drives off when he does so. When Petori asks why the rush, Simon explains that he is certain that the blond haired man was Vash the Stampede.

Episode(s): 18 - Goodbye, For Now
Lina's grandmother is pretty tough for an old woman. Sheryl would do anything to protect her little family, such as attempting to take a gun to stop the bandits that are completely destroying the town. Sheryl is also very fond of Ericks, even though she doesn't know that he is really the Humanoid Typhoon.

Slader Polo
Episode(s): 19 - Hang Fire
Being a member of the Polo family, Slader was a part of the battling Polo and Freeze families. He was taken hostage by Freeze bandits, but Vash entered the scene and got rid of them all. Except for Lurald, the leader of this attack and Benson, the father of a girl Slader had killed. Benson swore he would have revenge, and this was his chance. Vash begged for Slader's life and in the end, Benson dropped his gun, sparing Slader's life.

Episode(s): 04 - Love and Peace
Stan is the sheriff of Orleans, and after Bostock is injured from a gunfight with Ingway, Stan tells Bostock that he has always hated him for his wealth rights of the town. By the end of the episode he is stripped of his position by Vash and Meryl.

Episode(s): 04 - Love and Peace
Daughter of "Grim Reaper" Bostock, Stephanie never doubts her fathers love for her, and is sure that he will do whatever it takes to ensure her safety. Even after discovering the type of man "Grim Reaper" Bostock was, she still believes he is a kind and loving father.

Episodes: 17 - Rem Saverem
Crew member of Project Seeds, it seemed Steve was always getting drunk, as he hit on Mary and beat at Vash and Knives. Steve hated the twin brothers because he was jealous of their abilities and was also somewhat fearful since he did not know what they really were. When Knives becomes to hate the human race, he frames Steve, to make it look like Steve tried to force his way into Mary's room. Steve is sent into a cold sleep and Knives makes Rowan make an adjustment to Steve's chamber so Steve could never wake up again.

Episode(s): 25 - Live Through
When the men of the small town capture the destructive Humanoid Typhoon, Vash is tied up and is dragged by a truck which Tills is driving. The men claim that they shall let Vash suffer for all the lives that were lost because of him, and Tills says he will indeed kill Vash. Tills is stopped by Meryl, who stands up for Vash and explains that if he kills Vash, then the circle of hatred will continue.

Episode(s): 05 - Hard Puncher
In city Tonis lives in, their plant hsa broken down and everyone is slowly dying. Getting an engineer is expensive and anyone who can afford it has already moved out, so the women decide to go capture the Humanoid Typhoon and claim the $$60 Billion. Tonis idolizes Vash, and his toy dart gun is even used by Vash against a gang of men and Professor Nebraska.