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Minor Characters
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Episode(s): none
Alex had some relation to Rem Saverem. Possibly Alex was Rem's husband, son, or maybe Rem's lover and Rem just inherited his last name after he died. According to Rem, Alex had hair just like Vash's (does this freak out anyone besides me?). Depending on what version you're watching, the name Vash took up after Augusta's destruction was Alex, instead of Ericks.

Episode(s): 14 - Little Arcadia
Ungrateful and cruel to his own parents, Badwick belives that they are worthless. Badwick's parents happen to own land filled with grass and trees, an unusual sight for the planet which is covered in sand. By order of Morgan, the land owner, who wanted the land, Badiwck was hired to kill his parents, but he never seems to do it. Fianlly, Badwick has a change of heart and takes the deed to the city hall. When he does so, he finds out that the deed also contained a claim transfer in his name. In other words, Badwick learend that his parents were willing to die so he could have the land.

Badwick's Parents
Episode(s): 14 - Little Arcadia
Unlike the sandy ground of the planet Gunsmoke, the land these two own outisde the city of Promontory is green - covered with grass and filled with trees. The land they have cared for is like this because a geoplant is running along a mineral vein. Morgan, the land owner, demands the deed for the land, since the price is incredibly high. Badwick's father hired Meryl and Milly to bodyguard the area. Their ungrateful son, Badwick, belives that risking their lives for the land is foolish. Badwick also mentions that he had a brother, Max, who is deceased.

Brilliance Dynamite Neon (B.D.N.)
Episode(s): 07 - B.D.N. ; 08 - So, Between Wasteland and Sky
A bandit and leader of the infamous Badlad Gang, B.D.N is a capable gunman who likes to brag that he trained his men himself. After he loses to Vash in a duel B.D.N does somewhat an act of kindness, by bringing the Sandsteamer to a halt, which was about to run off a cliff because of him. Covered in neon lights, B.D.N.'s weapons are a Modified Ruger, modified machine guns, and dynomos which are concealed on shoulders.

Episode(s): 19 - Hang Fire
When Slader Polo killed Benson's daughter, he swore her death would be avenged. The group of bandits Benson was with managed to take Slader Polo in hostage, but they were all beaten by Vash. Seeing that this was his chance to kill him, Benson got ready to shoot. Vash recieved a few punches when he begged for Benson to not kill Slader. In tears, Benson did stop, and Slader's life was spared.

Big Brother
Episode(s): 03 - Peace Maker
Since Warren City had no sheriff and the next nearest town was 4,000 yards away, Big Brother and his gang figured thier assult would be a piece of cake. To scare off the townspeople, Big Brother claimed he was Vash the Stampede. Soon enough, the real Vash walked out and used his bootknife to puncture one of the tires on the getaway car. He then faced off with Big Brother, and then all the townspeople emerged with guns. Frank Marlon then broke the standoff by holding his finger against the back of Big Brother's head, making him think he had a gun. And that made Big Brother and his gang run out of town.

Episode(s): 20 - Flying Ship ; 21 - Out of Time
Living in Sky City, Brad appears to be one of the men who keep the residents safe from outsiders. Like others in the city, Brad remembers Vash since he was young. Brad also loves Jessica, but unfortunately, she's totally obsessed with Vash. When the Gung-Ho-Guns attack, Brad goes along with Vash and helps fix the plant Hopperd the Gantlet cracked. After the city crashed, the residents yelled at Vash for all this but Brad stood up for him. It was soon revealed that the Jessica they were with was actually Leonof the Puppetmaster's puppet. The puppet was actually aiming for Vash, but Brad decided to be a hero and went it the way of the bullets' path.