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Main Characters

Vash the Stampede
AKA: Ericks, Tongari/Needle Noggin
Occupation: The $$60 Billion Man, The Humanoid Typhoon
Weapons: Silver .45 Long Colt Revolver; Angel Arm (concealed, right arm); Hidden Gun (concealed, left arm; later upgraded to a Machine Gun); Boot Knife
Wearing a red coat and yellow sunglasses, Vash the Stampede, the legendary gunman, carries a silver gun, wandering the desert planet. He is known for the mass destruction that follows him, and has a $$60,000,000,000 reward for his head! Truth is, all this damage has been actually done by the men after him. It's pretty hard to believe that a donut lover and such an idiot could be The Humanoid Typhoon.

Vash seems to have many sides. One side is easy going and friendly. Fun loving and perverted :P Another side is a protector of life. Saint-like and pure. Yet another side is shown during gunfights and duels. During these times, Vash is agile and is widely known for his shooting skills. He may seem happy and joyful most of the time, but deep inside, Vash hides his dark past, and wants to live in peace. He has a mole near his left eye and many scars. He often daydreams about a woman named Rem and is uneasy on killing others. He only tries to wound those against him. Vash is teamed up with Nicholas D. Wolfwood as well as Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson.

"Love & Peace!"

Meryl Stryfe
AKA: Derringer Meryl
Occupation: Claims Investigator; Bernardelli Insurance
Weapons: American Derringer (x 50)
Meryl is one of the two Bernardelli Insurance represntatives on an assignment to find Vash the Stampede and prevent him from causing any more damage. Like so many others, Meryl refused to believe that Vash was really the legendary gunman. But soon enough did she accept that Vash was the one they were after.

Instead of blaming him for nearly everything involving him, now Meryl sees Vash as very caring and kind person. Though at times, she wonders if the compassionate side of Vash is the real side of him.

Milly Thompson
AKA: Stungun Milly
Occupation: Claims Investigator; Bernardelli Insurance
Weapons: Stungun
Along with Meryl Stryfe, Milly is tprevent Vash from causing any more trouble or damage. Unlike Meryl, she believed Vash was really the Humaniod Typhoon all along. Milly's pretty tall, and the youngest of ten childen. She has that happy-go-lucky personality and may seem to have a very low IQ. But, in words of Vash, Milly doesn't know how smart she really is.

Nicholas D. Wolfwood
AKA: -
Occupation: Minister; Gunman
Weapons: Cross Punisher No.1 (Grader handguns); Cross Punisher No.2 (machine gun/rocket launcher)
He carries a cross which is actually a weapon, he smokes daily, he rides a motorcycle, and you'll begin to wonder what kind of priest Wolfwood is anyway. At least Wolfwood carries around a portable confessional, which is part of suppporting the orphanage he runs.

Wolfwood admires Vash and admits that Vash is everything he is not. Although he calls himself a man of God, Wolfwood has does not mind about taking lives, and only refrains from doing so out of respect for Vash. He is also modeled on Tortoise Matsumoto. By the way, Wolfwood's full middle name is: "Dokonokuminomonjawaresumakinishiteshizumetarokakora".

AKA: -
Occupation: It's a cat people. What do you think?
Weapons: Er... Teeth? Claws??
This strnage cat appears in every episode besides Vash. It's most likely there for comic relief since it sometimes pops up at unexpected times. Kuroneko-sama means Mr. Black cat, and but I think they didn't really bother to give this cat a gender. It seems to be drawn exagerated due to it's giant head and eyes.


Rem Saverem
AKA: -
Occupation: Crew member of "Project Seeds"
Weapons: Weapons? You've got to be kidding.
Rem Saverem was the most important person in Vash's life. When the infants Vash and Knives were found, the Project Seeds crew would have killed them if it weren't for Rem stopping them. Rem became a mother to them, teaching them about the future and aspects of life. When Knives had a change in point of view and became to hate the human race, he sent the Project Seeds ships into destruction along with all of the human race. As Vash and Knives were sent into the escape pods, Rem stayed to save the people. She did, but her life was gone.

Rem remians alive in Vash's memory. Rem believed that no one deserves to be killed and Vash goes by this. When Vash killed Legato, Vash could not stand himself because of going against Rem's belief.

Millions Knives
AKA: -
Occupation: Environmental Activist
Weapons: Black .45 Long Colt Revolver; Angel Arm (x2, concealed)
Vash's twin brother, except his hair is a lighter color, he does not have a mole, and he has a hatred for the human race. Knives sees the human race as a disease to the universe. Back on the ship, Project Seeds, when Knives and Vash were 1 year old (yes, one), Knives kills a spider to save a butterfly stuck in the net. He belives in order to save one, you must get rid of the other. Knives is powerful, more powerful than Legato. And he is able to control Legato and the Gung-Ho Guns.

"One must kill the spider in order to save the butterfly

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