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Lodoss Timeline

What happened, When it happened, and Why...
*Dates are based on the New Royal Calendar (NRC), as used on the continent of Alecrast

The time of the ancient kingdom
  • Sorcerers of the Ancient Kingdom seal away the fire giants. The sorcerer Azzard later strikes a covenant in which Jinn & Ifrit become guardian deities and are sealed in a sacred urn.
  • Hostility between the Wind and Flame tribes begins.
  • The Ancient Kingdom Collapses.
  • Governor Saluvan curses the five chromatic dragons to guard the governor's treasures.
  • Karla seals herself into an enchanted circlet.
NRC 50
  • Naneel, the Queen of the dead, begins her treachery in Alania.
NRC 100-200
  • Various city states arise: Kanon, Raiden, Roid, Rood, Adan, Marnie, Loran, Highland, Harken, Persei, and Saluvad.
NRC 101
  • Kadamos defeats Naneel and inaugurates the kingdom of Alania. He later launches and expedition to Marmo. Although the main force returns upon Kadamos' death ten years later, some members remain to settle the island.
NRC 221
  • Kingdom of Elvec is inaugurated. It's forces advance westward, taking possession of Venon and Adan.
NRC 229
  • Elvec continues its gluttonous expansion, forcibly merging with the city states of Rood, Marnie, and Loran. Revolution follows, and twenty years later the city states reclaim independence from Elvec and establish themselves as the Holy kingdom of Valis.
NRC 259
  • The dragons' covenant is formed.
NRC 313
  • The Academy of Sages is created.
NRC 473
  • Neese releases Bramd, the ice dragon, from Saluvan's curse.
  • King Bruuk of Skard releases the dragon God, who promptly attacks the kingdom of Stone and the Mirror forest. So begins the War of the Demon God, and the covenant with the dragons is abandoned.
  • The golden-scaled dragon king (Mycen) is released.
  • The Mirror of Truth is stolen by Karla.
NRC 474
  • The Six Heroes defeat the Demon God King and emerge victorious.
NRC 496
  • Fahn ascends the throne of Valis.
NRC 497
  • Beld declares a united Marmo, assuming the title of Dark Emperor. The Marmo Empire is inaugurated.
NRC 500
  • In Alecrast, Kashue is arrested and becomes a gladiator slave. Three year later, he regains his freedom and becomes an adventurer. He travels to Lodoss, joining the Wind tribe as a mercenary. One year later, at the Tower of Dust Storms, he destroys the urn containing Jinn. Eventually, he becomes the king of Flame.
NRC 509
  • The Academy of Sages is destroyed through Wagnard's machinations.
NRC 510 - OVA continuity begins
  • Deedlit travels to the human world.
  • Parn and Etoh encounter Slayn and Ghim.
  • The War of Heroes ends.
  • Parn's showdown with Karla.
  • Slayn and Leylia marry.
NRC 512
  • The Flaim tribe, now in possession of Ifrit, destroy Haven. However, they are overpowered by the Kingdom of Flame and surrender.
  • Deedlit frees Jinn for the Tower of Dust Storms.
  • Little Neese is born.
NRC 514 - TV series continuity begins
  • Narse and Shooting Star awaken from hibernation.
NRC 515
  • Kashue and Ashram join forces at Fire Dragon Mountain to kill Shooting Star. They duel later for the Scepter of Domination.
  • Orson is killed.
  • Reona returns and assumes the title of king, and forms Kanon free army.
NRC 520
  • The spell on the Forest of No Return is lifted.
NRC 524
  • Neese dies. (A secret about Leylia and Little Nesse is revealed)
NRC 525
  • The War of the Destroyer's Resurrection begins.
  • Dark Elves infiltrate Akroyd and steal the soul crystal ball.
  • The main temple of Falis at Roid is attacked. The Staff of Life is lost.
  • Duke Raster is executed. Meanwhile in Marmo, the ruling council is disbanded.
  • Holy was is declared on Marmo. The nations of Lodoss engage Marmo in a pitched final battle. The armies of Marmo are defeated.
  • Karla is sealed away forever. Wagnard becomes King of the Undead.
  • The War of the Destroyer's Resurrection ends.
  • Ashram escapes from the dark island and sails to the new world. (Crystania)
NRC 526
  • The Duchy of Marmo is inaugurated as a dominion of Flame. Its first Duke is Spark. (There are two tribes that originally settled Flame. Spark's is one of them).

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