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Lodoss Island Map


  1. Flame Kingdom : Ruled by King Kashue. It is the most powerful kingdom in Lodoss. The two tribes there warred until they were united by Kashue. Spark is a noble of the Flame tribe.
  2. Alania : Alania is the oldest kingdom in Lodoss. Duke Raster killed Kadomos VII for the throne. Duke Raster is ambitious arrogant fool. 
  3. Holy Kingdom of Valis : King Etoh was a companion of Parn and Deedlit's during the War of Heroes. They have been good friends since.
  4. Kanon Kingdom : The Marmo leader "who likes to wear black" (Ashram) rules the kingdom. The Free Knight Parn leads the Kanon Free Army. Ashram is from Marmo. (Well, Dhuh.)
  5. Moss Kingdom : Moss's king is Jester. The kingdom is made up of the union of its many little countries. The countries have a contract that says they all have to fight against an enemy. Several of the countries have been in a state of civil war for 10 years.
  6. Island of Darkness Marmo
History of Marmo Island
    Kardis (Destroyter Goddess) sleeps beneath the island. 30 years prieviously, Marmo was united by Beld.
The Heroes' War
    15 years ago, Marmo King Beld suddenly attacked the Lodoss mainland. He took demon-soldiers and occupied Kanon. To counterattack, King Fahn of Valis took the initiative with Alania, Flaim, and Moss. The Devil-God War had six heroes. After the war there were two heroes: Fahn and Beld.

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