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Legato Bluesummers
Gung-Ho-Gun: Leader
Episode(s): Appears in most episodes from 12 - Diablo to 24 - Sin
Devoted to his master, Knives, the psychopathic Legato wants eternal suffering to Vash the Stampede. Legato has blue hair, gold eyes, and a white coat with spikes and a skull. He's usually eating sweets and lives only to please his master. Legato has embraced Knives' hatred of the human race. So, he too has become to live on human suffering. Legato drives Vash insane with his mind control powers and Vash is forced to kill him.

Monev the Gale
Gung-Ho-Gun: First
Episode(s): 12 - Diablo
Monev is very muscular due to his 20 years of training. Monev uses two large guns the fire a huge amount of bullets. Monev killed many people in the town Vash was in, and Vash became so angered his eyes started glowing. Later on, Vash reveals to Monev his left arm is a hidden gun, which he uses to knock Monev down. Vash has Monev at gunpoint, but lets him live. Vash later finds Monev hung on a water tank and killed by E.G. Mine.

Dominique the Cyclops
Gung-Ho-Gun: Second
Episode(s): 15 - Demons Eye
Dominque is the only female member of the Gung-Ho-Guns. It may seem she can move at lightning fast speeds but it work her red eye, behind the eyepatch, which is called "the Demon's Eye". The Demon's Eye effects all five senses, making it impossible to beat her. Because of the Demon's Eye, Vash duel with her isn't going smoothly at first. But when Vash concentrates on pain, he is able to keep track of Dominque and quickly shoots the eyepatch with his hidden gun. With the eyepatch now destroyed, Dominque is defeated, and Vash lets her go. But Vash finds her dead, hanging on the water tank with Monev the Gale, and also killed by E.G. Mine.

E.G. Mine
Gung-Ho-Gun: Fifth
Episode(s): 16 - Fifth Moon
E.G. Mine is the third Gung-Ho Gun to fight Vash. His weapon is some large shell that can shoot a numerous amount of spikes. After Vash findins the dead Monev the Gale and Dominque the Cyclops, E.G. Mine reveals himself, saying he had killed them. The duel is short, as Vash manages to get close to E.G. Mine with his gun aimed at him, after E.G. Mine makes his attack. Then, Rai-Dei the Blade appears, telling E.G. Mine's battle with Vash is over, because Vash had quickly shot off E.G. Mine shell during E.G. Mine's attack. And so Rai-Dei kills E.G Mine for his weak attempt.

Rai-Dei the Blade
Gung-Ho-Gun: Ninth
Episode(s): 16 - Fifth Moon
A Japanese swordsman, Rai-Dai appears right after E.G. Mine finds Vash's gun directly aimed at him. Rai-Dei had seen Vash's fast movements and gunmanship and then kills E.G. Mine. Rai-Dei claims that Vash and him are men but not of men. He says their demons. Rai-Dei uses his sword as his weapon, but he can fire the blade and then use the holder as a gun. He fires before Vash has a chance to fire his hidden gun and Rai-Dei gains an advantage. Rai-Dei does survive Vash's Angel Arm, but later, he is killed by Wolfwood.

Leonof the Puppetmaster
Gung-Ho-Gun: (not stated)
Episode(s): 20 - Flying Ship ; 21 - Out of Time
Leonof may look old, but he uses very realistic puppets to do his work. He can use a great number of puppets that can be taken apart and can be recombined, looking different each time. Leonof's puppets are molded after himself, or other people. Wolfwood tracks him down, and shoots him dead.

Grey the Ninelives
Gung-Ho-Gun: (not stated)
Episode(s): 21 - Out of Time
Along with Hopperd the Gantlet, Grey the Ninelives attack Sky City while Vash and Wolfwood are visiting. Grey is actually a robot, who can shoot bullets from about anywhere on his body. He was sent to destroy the plant, but Wolfwood tries to fight him. Wolfwood tries using all of his weapons, but none of them seem to work. When it seems, there nothing left of Grey, he continues to destroy the plant. Grey succeds by shooting a missile from his leg.

Hopperd the Gantlet
Gung-Ho-Gun: (not stated)
Episode(s): 21 - Out of Time
As Grey the Ninelives destroyed one plant, Hopperd planned to destroy the other. In Sky City, Hopperd the Gantlet fights Vash. Hopperd seems to be more like a human bullet, and to get Vash's attention, he killed many people. Vash was able to defeat him and fix the plant, but Hopperd throws himself into the plant, shattering it and causing the city to crash. With that, Hopperd kills himself.

Zazie the Beast
Gung-Ho-Gun: Fourth
Episode(s): 22 - Alternative
Though Zazie appears to be a young orphan boy, Zazie has the ability to control giant sandwormds. When Zazie reveals he is a a Gung-Ho Gun, he puts the orphans hostage and puts Vash and Meryl under his gunpoint. Vash believes that the demon controlling Zazie has not yet won, and Zazie can turn back into he young boy, Bete, because he had seen Zazie crying for his mother and father in his sleep. It seems Zazie is about to put down his guns but Wolfwood walks in and kills him, angering Vash.

Chapel the Evergreen
Gung-Ho-Gun: (not stated)
Episode(s): 23 - Paradise
When Wolfwood was just a child, his parents were both killed. After getting rid of the murderer, Chapel took Wolfwood in and trained him to become a gunfighter. Chapel reveals that the Gung-Ho Guns are not working for Knives by choice, most of them were forced to do so. Chapel carries a cross that may look like Wolfwood's but it can split into two long machine guns. The Gung-Ho Gun did not want to kill his student, but when Legato took control of his body, Chapel was forced to shoot Wolfwood. Chapel soon confronted Legato for this and was eaisly defeated. But then, Knives walks in and kills Chapel by drawing him into a black ball of drakness.

Caine the Longshot
Gung-Ho-Gun: (not stated)
Episode(s): 23 - Paradise
Created for the anime, Caine the Longshot is a tall, thin, silent, sniper who uses a VERY long gun to shoot targets from a far distance. Wrapped in leather and having the ability to camouflague, Caine can sit in the desert for weeks, waiting for his target. He is easily defeated by Vash so Caine ends up commiting suicide for his failure.

Midvalley the Hornfreak
Gung-Ho-Gun: Eleventh
Episode(s): 24 - Sin
Midvalley is the last Gung-Ho Gun and Legato's right-hand man. Midvalley is seen playing his saxophone throughout the series, but he fights Vash near the very end of Trigun. Midvalley's saxophone can produce sonic blasts, giving a good chance to run or attack. Soon enough, Vash manages to damage the instrument, making it unable to fire. Seeing that he is defeated, he commits suicide, in order to give Vash more suffering as to seeing death.

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