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Dragons of Lodoss

Lodoss has its fair share of dragons, ranging from the small wyverns (which serve as mounts for dragon riders), to the medium sized earth dragons (whom Parn fights in the OVA), to the five chromatic dragons. The chromatic dragons are extremely intelligent, often serving as mystic guardians. These dragons were domesticated by the sorcerers of Kastuul and cursed to guard the magical treasures of the last royal governor.

The five dragons are:

  • Narse: the evil dragon of Marmo. (Black)

  • Bramd: the ice dragon of the White Dragon Mountains near Alania. Released from his curse by Neese. (White)

  • Abram: the water dragon of Blue Dragon Island. (Blue)

  • Shooting Star: the demon dragon of Fire Dragon Mountain in Flame. The worst of the lot, often terrorizing the western frontier and lunching of the humans. (Red)

  • Mycen: the golden scaled dragon king of Moss. The only female dragon of the group, Mycen took her name from the founder of Moss as a gesture of gratitude and friendship after he freed her from Saluvan's curse. (Gold)

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