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Blue Print


1. Nuclear Pulse Engine: NADESICO'S support propulsion system. Only used in case of emergency (it is rather unstable).

2. All Transferring Engine: NADESICO'S main propulsion system. Makes ultra-speed traveling possible. Its design is based on the machines found on Mars. No one really knows how it works, but this system has made the NADESICO the fastest ship ever built by humans.

3. Data Gathering System: This is where all data is collected, analyzed and sent to the Main Bridge.

4.Disc-part Engine: Emergency support system.

5. Landing Gear

6. Omoi-Kane back-up system: These back-up units are installed at different locations on the ship.

7. Escape Shuttle

8. Housing Block: Housing/apartment area for the crew members. Look like 1970's Japanese student apartments. Two people per room.

9. Shuttle

10. Medical Facilities: Very well equipped. Dr. Innes Fresjnue takes care of the place.

11. Main Hall: Very large hall. Used as a sports arena, etc. Funerals are also performed here.

12. Restaurant: Where crew members can eat the delicious food cooked by Howmei, Akito and the "Howemi-girls". Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The "Mars-bowl is the most popular item on the menu.

13. Recreation Room: Looks like a downtown bar. You can play cards, pool, etc.

14. Main Computer Center: The main module of Omoi-Kane, the NADESICO'S Central Computer System.

15. Omoi-Kane Back-up System: Same as #6.

16. Virtual Reality Room: Also known as the "Meditation Room". All kinds of virtual reality games and tests can be performed.

17. Omoi-Kane Back-up System: Same as #6.

18. Planning/Tactical Room.

19. Conning Tower: Contains rooms with large view ports. Some rooms also contain large screens displaying various landscapes.

20. Cook's Dressing Room.

21. Main Bridge: Separated in two layers. The pilots can be sent directly to their Aestivalis from there. Yurika's command station is on the top level.

22. Space Bath: Separated in two sections (men and women). Space is visible through vast view ports.

23. Missile Launchers: Eight launchers on each pod. Can be fired separately or in pairs.

24. Gravity Blast Cannon: The NADESICO'S most powerful weapon. Rarely used because of its power, it is still top-secret.

25. Landing Gear.

26. Astivalis Hanger: Seiya Uribatake's kingdom. All mecha are repaired there and many of the special apparatus needed for special missions are designed and fabricated there.

27. Omoi-Kane Back-up System: Same as #6.

28. Main Control Room: This is the compartment from where the technicians control and take care of the NADESICO'S engines.

29. Cargo Bay.

30. Hina-Giku: Atmospheric re-entry capable shuttle.

31. Weapons Storage Compartment: Contains missiles, ammo for the Aestivalis, etc.

32. Omoi-Kane Back-up System: Same as #6.

33. Gravity Control Unit: This system makes possible the ride from Earth to Mars in six weeks. Like the All-Transferring Engines, this system was made possible by the discoveries on Mars.

34. Space Time Distortion Field System: This system is used as a cloaking device and barrier. Also comes from the technology discovered in the Martian ruins.

35. Catapult.

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