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ADV Films release

Martian Successor Nadesico

Volume-one: Invasion! (subtitled)


After almost two years of my fansub copies of Nadesico, the ADV release was a shock to my senses^.^ Wow, great picture quality! Some of what I found there-in was very good, and a little was not so good. Most of it was the very same Nadesico I fell in love with in early 1998. (There are dogs, and then there are Collies. There is lunch, and then there are Cheeseburgers. There is anime, and then there is NADESICO!) I am not an otaku in any sense of the word. I am, however, a Nadesico fan-atic...

My greatest admiration and respect are first directed to the translator of Nadesico for ADV, Mr. Daniel Makoto Kanemitsu. The great work and care, the attention to detail that he put into this project is First Class. (arigatou!) He has done this classic series justice.

The one point of contention amongst many of we old-timers was the choice to translate "baka" as "fool", instead of the translation of "idiot" that we were used to from the fansub. It is a given that this multi-faceted word is not easily translated into English. The fansub also translated "baka" as "dummy", "moron" and "jerk". While I still prefer the translation choices of the fansub for "baka", instead of making one generic translation, this is a minor irritation that in no way lessens the overall marvelous work of Mr. Kanemitsu's fresh, new translation.

I must admit that much of what I had heard and read about ADV's release of Nadesico volume-one was not good, and I was very leery. But after viewing this, I was neither horrified nor disappointed with what I found there. I do strongly agree with most, that the opening logo is terrible! Come on ADV, lose that cheap looking opening and put back in the original! That may be ok for the dubbed version (why would anyone buy a dubbed version???), but we want the kanji logo in the subtitled copies! Hello! And yes, ADV needs to show a little more care in the subtitle spacing, but I found them easy enough to follow. Otherwise, I am pleased enough with this volume, given the fact that I didn't have any control over it... ^_^



ADV effort = B+ (Come on ADV; I would have given you an "A" but for that logo!)

Translation = A+

Overall = A-

Very Highly Recommended!


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