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Yu Yu Hakusho techniques
Shuichi Minamino


Yusuke Urameshi
Jaganshi Hiei
Shuichi Minamino
Kazuma Kuwabara

  1. Hair - he gets his rose from his hair and turns it to a rose whip.
  2. Arms - strong, medium sized.
  3. Body - moves elegantly even when fighting.
NOTE: I still haven't seen him use his fist against an enemy.

T E C H S :
Weapon: Rose Whip
  • Kagon-Retsuzan-Shi ( Beautiful-cutting -branch a.k.a. Whirlwind Rose Whip ) - used to cut his opponents into pieces using his rose whip.
  • Fu-Ka-Enbu-Jin ( Blast-Flower-Waltz-Formation a.k.a. Wind-Flower-Circle-Formation ) - rose petals surrounds Kurama and protects him. Whoever touches the petals will be cut.
  • Janen-Ju ( Wicked-Thoughts-Tree a.k.a. Tree of Hallucinations ) - a demonic tree that produces hallucinations to anyone who is attached to it. It was also used to defeat toguro ani.
  • Kyu-Ketsu-Shokubutsu ( Blood Sucker Plant ) - a demonic plant that sucks blood from Kurama's opponent until the opponent dies.
  • Miscellaneous Techs : Shimaneki - Sou ( Death - Summoning Grass ) , Shoku - You - Shokubutsu ( Demon - Eater - Plant ) , Makai No Ojigisou ( Demonic World Sensitive Plant / Mimosa ) .
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