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Yu Yu Hakusho techniques
Jaganshi Hiei


Yusuke Urameshi
Jaganshi Hiei
Shuichi Minamino
Kazuma Kuwabara

  1. Arms - small build but strong;consist entirely with muscles ( his body ). o t h e r : He has a whiter complexion than anyone else and his skin is smooth and fair.
  2. Jagan - his third eye, the source of his power. He usually covers it with a white bandana when it's not needed.
  3. Straps - his straps are used to cover the black dragon tattoo on this right arm.
  4. Legs - very strong. He runs/moves so quick that he cannot be seen by a human eye.

T E C H S :
Weapon: Katana ( Sword / Blade )

  • Ensatsu-Koku-Ryu-Ha ( Fire-Killing-Black-Dragon-Wave a.k.a. Black-Dragon-Spirit-Technique ) - Hiei's most powerful and the most dangerous technique. He summons a wave of black dragon from the demon world ( makai ) and uses it against his opponent. The dragon has its own overwhelming power and its real purpose is to use one's youki as bait. Once Hiei has possessed the dragon, his power enhances tremendously ,but it drains a lot of energy afterwards-leaving him extremely exhausted.
  • Jaou-Ensatsu-Ken ( Evil-King-Fire-Killing-Ken a.k.a. Black-Fire-Sword ) - it uses fire and one's youki ( demon's power ) forming a very sharp and powerful sword, almost similar to kuwabara's rei ken.
  • Ensatsu-Rengoku-Shou ( Fire-Killing-Purgatory-Scorching ) - a series of powerful punches with fire
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