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Yu Yu Hakusho techniques
Yusuke Urameshi


Yusuke Urameshi
Jaganshi Hiei
Shuichi Minamino
Kazuma Kuwabara

  1. Head - his head is as tough as a rock. He once used it literally to defeat Chuu in the Ankoku Bujutsukai ( Black Martial Arts Tournament ). He is also good in thinking battle strategies in his head while engaged in a fight.
    o t h e r : He often uses hair gel when he goes to school, but his gel wears off after extensive training/fighting.
  2. Arms - very strong and builded by tough muscles.
  3. Hand / Fist- make strong blows against an enemy. He also emits some of his rei ki while punching/hitting his enemy which brings fatal damage in an ordinary human being.
  4. Legs - very strong. He can also run very fast within 3 days straight.
  5. Feet - the strength that comes from the legs is executed by the feet. His kicks are also as strong as his punches.
T E C H S:
  • Rei Gun ( Spirit Gun )- his strongest weapon which he emmits his rei ki concentrated on his finger tip .
  • Rei- Kou - Dan ( Spirit - Light - Bullet A.k.a. Spirit Shotgun ) - his rei ki is emmited through his fist directly to his opponent. it causes severe damage when the opponent is near.
  • Rei- Kou - Hadou - Ken ( Spirit- Light - Wave - Ken ) - genkai's tech later passed on to yusuke. a powerful tech most youkai fear genkai because of that. a tech with so much power can also heal wounds and can make oneself young.
  • Rei- Kou - Gyoku ( Spirit - Light - Gem ) - the source of genkai's power. this gem was passedto yusuke specifically during the ankoku bujutsukai before their match against the toguro team. one must undergo severe pains while the gem indwells in his body.
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