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Yu Yu Hakusho Storyline
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The tournament was over. The Urameshi Team were the champion. But this title was not enough to make Yusuke smile inside. His thoughts for his master, Genkai, still roamed in his heart which made him lonely deep inside. But, as the champion of the tournament, they can make any wish they could possibly want and it will be granted. For that, Genkai was revived which made everyone smile, especially Yusuke. They all boarded a ship and went home. Everything seemed to be normal in Ningenkai for the past few weeks until Botan came to Ningenkai to tell Yusuke and the others about humans having special capabilities. But before Botan could tell Yusuke about the news, Yusuke disappeared after having a fight with three men in a vacant lot. When Botan and Kuwabara heard that shocking news from Puu, they rushed to the vacant lot where the fight was held. They found Yusuke's bag with a note. The note basically says that they should go to this place ( with attached address ) with Kurama, Hiei, and Kuwabara tonight. If one of them was not present, then they will not see their friend anymore. Finding Kurama was easy ,but finding Hiei was difficult because he lurks almost anywhere. Botan, Kuwabara, and Kurama will meet at the park at a particular time to find a way on how to find Hiei. At the park, Botan used a special kind of whistle that can irritate the ears of any youkai because of its irritating and very loud vibration. After hearing such sound ( except Kuwabara ), someone suddenly fell down the tree right behind them. They were relieved that it was Hiei. They told Hiei about the situation but he confuses to cooperate. Botan told him that if he will cooperate, then she will ask the rei kai firm to release him permanently. Hiei agreed to cooperate and did not miss the opportunity of his freedom. They went to the address written on the note and found a very suspicious house. As they entered the house, they entered the territory of Kaito. In his territory, no one must mention the forbidden word or their spirit would be captured. Hiei mentioned the forbidden word in purpose; his spirit was captured and his body freezed. The same happened with Kuwabara and Botan. Kurama was the only one left and their only hope. Kurama and Kaito made an agreement. They changed the rules of Kaito's territory. One alphabet will disappear and should not be mentioned every minute. The time will come when they would not say any word because all the alphabets will disappear. When Kaito went to the comfort room, the living room where Kurama was turned into a jungle of plants. Kaito was alarmed and couldn't find Kurama anywhere. Kurama went down slowly from a chandelier upside down and made a funny face. Kaito could not stand it without laughing so he laughed hard. After that, his spirit seperated from his body because he mentioned some of the forbidden alphabets. Botan, Kuwabara, and Hiei's spirits came back to them and seached the house for Yusuke. They saw 4 doors and did not know which was the right way. They decided to split and take each doors. They all walked into the stairs, some were going upward, some were going downward, and some were upside down. They all went to the exit at the same time. They found Yusuke standing and could not move because Kido was stepping on his shadow ( see the left side of the screen to know why ). Kurama and the others could not do anything because Yusuke might be harmed. Yusuke was given a choice by Kido ;either he decides on who is the fake one among his friends and hit him / her. Otherwise, something will happen that no one would not wish to happen. His time was limited and so he must think fast. After making up his mind, he hit Kuwabara whom he thought was the fake one. He was right. Kuwabara turned into another person, Yanagisawa. Yusuke explained his reason:Botan is a woman and he could never hit her .Hiei and Kurama are very skilled fighters and they would not be captured easily with their skills. Kuwabara, on the other hand, is a type of person who will be capured easily. The real Kuwabara suddenly entered the room without any clothes on , only his shorts. The mastermind suddenly appeared and it was Genkai herself. She explained everything and told them her suggestions, opinions, and impressions on their performance while they were handling the situation. In other words, this was all a test of knowledge for them which helped their mental skills.

[a] After the test, they received a report from Koenma about a mysterious disease spreading all over the area and the tantei were assigned to investigate the situation. They found out that a doctor from a local hospital was behind all these. His name was Dr. Kamia Minoru, a disciple of Sensui. Yusuke and the others ( with Kido, Kaito, and Yanagi ) went to the hospital to find him. With the help the Kido, Yusuke found the doctor and challenged him to a fight. Kamia did not have any skills in fighting , but his healing ability made him difficult to beat. When Yusuke was deceived by the doctor, his anger rushed through him and hit Kamia right out of the window which caused his sudden death. Genkai revived the doctor after knowing he was killed by Yusuke unintentionally. After this, all the infected people from the disease were cured, including Keiko. After Kamia, Seaman was appointed to deal with them. Seaman faced Kuwabara and some of his classmates in a rainy night after they had watched a concert. Kuwabara's friends were captured by Seman's water beast and they could not breathe. Kuwabara's rei ken was useless against the beast. Once he had slashed it with his sword, it multiplies itself into smaller ones and they all sticked together - forming a huge beast. After seeing his friends' suffering, Kuwabara's sword turned into an upgraded sword called the "Jigen-Tou" or the "Dimension Sword". He slashed the beast and it was illiminated. Seaman was also hit which gave him a serious wound and made him unconscious. Kuwabara, feeling sorry for Seaman, brought him and all of his unconscious friends to their homes. Seaman was brought into Kuwabara's house for treatment. After treating Seaman's wound, he changed his mind about Sensui and joined Yusuke's group to help them solve the problem about Sensui. While Seaman and Botan were left in the room, Sensui attacked them from the next building and with him were the rest of his followers. Botan and Shizuru were injured from his attack. Genkai and the others went to the place of the explosion and treated Botan and Shizuru. Sensui and the others faced Yusuke down the alley. Yusuke was not aware that Sensui plans on abducting Kuwabara during those times and yet, he was successful. Kuwabara was abducted by Gourmet and Sensui , and they placed him in a pick-up truck. Yusuke ran after him and later used a bicycle to chase them. He was not able to follow the truck because Sniper destroyed the bicycle and Yusuke flew away. Sniper attacked him with rocks, knives, and a truck using his telekinetic powers while Yusuke was trying to evade them. Hiei arrived suddenly and swiftly stabbed Sniper with his sword and he fell down the ground. Yusuke was glad to see Hiei, but Hiei suddenly attacked him. Yusuke was defenseless, and so Hiei's sword ended up in front of Yusuke's neck - a paused moment for the both of them. Hiei retrieved his sword and smiled for he thought Yusuke had no energy left for the coming fight. Genkai, Kurama, Seaman, Botan, Kaito , and Yanagisawa were waiting at a particular place waiting for Yusuke. Yusuke and Hiei arrived and went to Sensui's lair with Seaman's help.

They entered a cave and walked right in. Genkai, Botan, Yanagisawa, and Kaito were left behind at the entrance. While Yusuke, Kurama, Hiei, and Seaman walked deeper into the cave, they saw a huge door that was believed to had come from a video game. Seven people were required to enter and so they fetched with Genkai, Yanagisawa, and Kaito. As they opened the door, they saw the game master, Amanoma. In his territory, they must defeat the game master to a game. They had to gain four wins to exit his territory. But Kurama had other things in his mind that could not be kept for long. Kurama told Amanoma about the inevitable truth which no one could have prepared him for what he was about to hear. Amanoma will die if he would be defeated from his game, just like what happens in the ending of the real video game. Kurama did not want an innocent child to die but he had no other option - it was the only way for them to escape his territory, and so, it was done. Amanoma's territory shattered right after his defeat. Yusuke noticed Kurama's eyes were filled with hatred and vengeance. The four ( Yusuke, Kurama, Hiei, and Seaman ) went on to search for Sensui while the rest went back and carried Amanoma with them. After a few meters away, they finally reached Sensui's lair and with him were Itsuki, Gourmet, and their prisoner, Kuwabara.

Thirty minutes was all they had time left before the hole finishes. The hole seperated itself from the Gatekeeper and it continued to finish the job itself. Sensui made a bargain; if they defeat Gourmet, he will release Kuwabara. This bargain was accepted. One thing which they were not aware of was that Gourmet ate the head of their friend, Murota. Murota's capabilities was inherited by Gourmet after he was eaten. During those times, Kurama went back to his old self again, but his temper was awaken once more by Gourmet. He reminded him about what he had done to Amanoma which angered him once again. Kurama faced him with his eyes burning with anger. He picked a rose from his hair and managed to stop his heart from talking. It was essential for him to defeat his opponent so he could not read what Kurama was thinking or feeling. Kurama turned his rose to a whip and wrapped it around Gourmet's mouth in a split second. He pulled his whip and Gourmet's head was divided into two. Gourmet's sudden death from a single attack from Kurama proves the cruelty of his heart. But the fight was not over yet. Kurama smelled the scent of Toguro Ani inside Gourmet's body and so he guessed that Toguro Ani was still alive and he was living inside Gourmet. He was right. Toguro's head slowly appeared , replacing Gourmet's head. Kurama used fog to cover both of them. After a few seconds, Kurama went out of the fog and Toguro was left inside. When the fog disappeared, a demonic tree was attached to Toguro; giving him hallucinations that will slowly exhaust him until he dies. But , since he's immortal, he will see these hallucinations forever.

Since Gourmet was defeated, Kuwabara was released. Yusuke and the others went after Kuwabara to untie him but, all of a sudden, something went under them and swallowed them. Yusuke was spit out a few seconds later; leaving only him and Sensui in the cave. Itsuki went inside the being who swallowed the others. Itsuki explained to them that they were swallowed by his pet only to prevent interference between Sensui and Yusuke's fight. The others can only watch and see who will be the last man standing. At this point, the fight had begun. While the fight was going on, they realized that Sensui's power was 10 times as much as Yusuke's. Yusuke may had more speed and stamina than Sensui, but those were not enough. Koenma appeared while the fight was going on. He could have used his pacifier but Yusuke did not allowed it and Sensui managed to take the pacifier from them which he used to enhance hi power. Yusuke eventualy accepted the fact the he was not capable of defeating a person with S-Class power. After 30 minutes, the hole was completed and a life was sacrificed. Yusuke Urameshi died in front of his friends. Kuwabara was able to unleash his Dimension Sword and use it to release them from the beast's territory ,but they were too late. Assuming that Yusuke was dead, Kurama turned to his youko form in his own will and attacked Sensui along with Hiei, and Kuwabara. Sensui went inside the hole after Hiei unleashed his "Ensatsu-Koku-Ryu-Ha". The black dragon illiminated all the beasts that were waiting at the other side of the hole which now made it possible to pass through by anyone. The three followed Sensui at the other side while Koenma and Seaman were left behind . All of a sudden, the rei kai soldiers arrived in the cave. They had orders to terminate Yusuke for good. Koenma forbid this but the soldiers ignored him since the orders came from his father, Enma Daioh. This order was given to prevent a much worse problem than Sensui's case. They told Koenma that Yusuke had inherited youkai blood which was dangerous for Ningenkai. If Yusuke were to be revived, he will turn into a heartless and evil being with the power of a S-Class youkai which might bring destruction to all. This situation bothered Enma Daioh so much. After hearing the story, Koenma still disagreed and tried to protect Yusuke from them. When the soldiers were about to attack, a huge bird suddenly appeared from above and protected Yusuke's body. The soldiers resumed their attack but it was worthless. After a few seconds, Yusuke was revived with his youkai blood pumping through his veins. Yusuke thanked the large bird, which was Puu, for saving him. The soldiers were useless against him since Yusuke had a power of an S-Class while they only have a power of an A-Class. Yusuke and Koenma mounted on Puu's back and they went inside the hole to resume the match against Sensui while the soldiers could not do anything but watched them fled. The wall inside the hole that seperated Makai and Ningenkai was already struck by Kuwabara with his Dimension Sword. This made the passage way fully operational for the beasts who wish to enter the human world. This also made it easier for Yusuke and Koenma to enter Makai. At the time they arrived, Sensui had already started the fight against youko Kurama, Hiei, and Kuwabara. The three were already exhausted and obviously were no match for him. Yusuke and Koenma ( riding on Puu ) flew nearer to the battle site which shocked the three. As they dismounted from Puu, Koenma explained everything. After that, Yusuke told them to back off for he will continue the match he had not yet finished. Yusuke, as a starter from his highly upgraded power, was a little clumsy in using his powers, but he managed it eventually. The battle was incredibly amazing. The others could not even come near them because if they do, they might be illiminated instantly from the barrier that both the S-Class fighters created. While Yusuke was still fighting Sensui, he heard an unfamiliar voice inside his head. He heard it twice from time to time but he did not pay much attention to it since he was in the midst of a battle. But, this entity suddenly entered Yusuke's conscience and the one who fought Sensui from that point on. Yusuke's physical appearance changed: his hair became longer, his face was tinted, and his voice was lowered. The fight lasted only a few seconds. Yusuke regained his consciousness right after he fired his rei gun towards Sensui. The rei gun knocked him out and he fell down the ground. Yusuke went after him to see how Sensui was doing. The others went after the two of them to see what was happening. Once Yusuke found Sensui, he still challenged him to fight but Sensui was too weak and was about to die. Yusuke was not satisfied. The others found where Yusuke was and they came to him. Yusuke explained to them what had happened during the battle and why he was not satisfied. Sensui also told them about his story and his real objective. After this, he died peacefully with satisfaction. All of sudden, Itsuki emerged from the darkness with a scar on his face, most likely from Kuwabara's sword. Itsuki came to retrieve Sensui's body. He was told by Sensui himself before that he did not want his spirit to go to rei kai and so, Itsuki was fulfilling his wish. He brought his body into the darkness with him, and after that, no one knew what happened to them. Yusuke and the others went back to Ningenkai afterwards.

Dr. Kamia Minoru was a wanted criminal in their town. He disguised to be someone else so he would not be identified. He started healing other people and doing good deeds. Sniper, a 17-year-old high school student, went back to school, graduated, and then mysteriously disappeared. He did not do anything harmful to anyone since Sensui's defeat. Amanuma went back to school and had new friends. Seaman / Mitara enrolled to a new school and started a new life.

Yusuke's long hair was cut by Kurama and the tints from his face slowly disappeared day after day. He still can not forget about what happened to him during his fight with Sensui. That thought kept haunting him which made him feel incomplete and confused. He also wanted to go back to Makai to search for the entity who possessed him during his match. He felt troubled those times so he sought advise to Koenma and Genkai. Genkai gave him an address of a former rei kai tantei thinking she would help him find the answers he had been looking for. Yusuke went to the address his master gave him. And when he reached the address, he was attacked by two children with skills. He did nothing but evaded their attack since they were still young. And while they were in their midst of battle, a female voice stopped the two children from fighting. It was their mother and the former rei kai detective, Mariko Sato. Yusuke was invited in their house and had a couple of laughs with the two kids. Before they knew it, it was night time. The children went sleep and Yusuke, Mariko and her husband had talked seriously. Yusuke asked her why she retired from her old job. Mariko explained to him that she retired because of her marriage. She wanted to have a peaceful and simple life. She also mentioned that she had also met Sensui before she got married, but never confronted him. In the midst of their conversation, both former rei kai detectives felt something or someone was coming. Three men from Makai arrived to discuss to Yusuke about his future. He was invited by Raizen, his ancestor and ruler of a certain counry in Makai, to acquaint him to their world and stay for three years. Raizen was already dying because he seized eating humans, their source of food. The reason for this was he fell inlove with a human so he could not bear of eating them since then. It was not only him who received an invitation to go to Makai, Hiei and Kurama also got their own invitation from Mukuro and Yomi respectively.

Yusuke, Hiei, and Kurama went to Makai by the help of the rei kai soldiers sent by Enma Daioh. They opened a hole that links Ningenkai to Makai. The truth is, Enma Daioh could not think of any other way of getting rid of Yusuke ( because of his youkai blood that could cause chaos in Ningenkai ) but to allow him to go to Makai to accept Raizen's invitation, same with Hiei and Kurama accepting Mukuro and Yomi's invitation. Each one of them has his own story to tell. Yusuke was invited because Raizen is dying and Raizen's country will be needing a new leader which is why Yusuke has been summoned. Hiei was invited by Mukuro because Mukuro wanted him to become her right hand. Kurama was called because of some "unfinished" business with Yomi.

Yusuke was being trained by Raizen and his people to become stronger. It took him at least a year training hard. It ended when Raizen died eventually. After that, Yusuke , along with Hokushin, went to Yomi's country to talk and settle things. Mukuro and Hiei also went to Yomi's country to know what the conversation will be all about. Both of them stood outside Yomi's place and used Hiei's jagan ( third eye ) listen to the conversation. While Yusuke and Yomi were talking inside a quite room, Chu, Jin, Touya, Kurama, Wakamaru, Suzuki, and Rinku were all listening at the other side. They were all glad to see Yusuke once again...except Wakamaru , though. Anyway, to cut the story short, Yusuke opened his bag which he brought along to give Yomi his gift. As he opened it, hundreds of priceless marbles were scattered in the room with names written on them. Yusuke pointed it out that he will start a tournament that will decide who will be the ruler of Makai. This is the only way that Yusuke could think of because he admitted that he is still not ready ruling his father's country. The guys at the other side could not stand it so they made an appearance to Yusuke and Yomi. They said they will gladly participate in the tournament in Yusuke's side. Hiei also liked the idea and so did Mukuro. Mukuro sent a signal to Yomi ( only in the mind ) informing him that she agrees with the idea. Yomi was a little troubled with the situation but he agrees upon Yusuke's proposal.

After the talk, Yusuke and Hokushin went back to their country. As they returned, Yusuke explained to his people why he proposed the tournament. And while they were discussing it, friends of Raizen arrived to visit Raizen's tomb. A few moments later, more and more youkai came to Raizen's tomb to say their farewell to their rival and friend, Raizen. Because of this, Yusuke learned that Raizen was no evil being, but he was someone whom he should be proud of. Later on, Raizen's friends told Yusuke that they will participate in the tournament, in memory of Raizen. Yusuke was very happy to hear it. he became much happier when the youkais exercised their power all together. Quakes suddenly came and a huge beam of light flashed to the sky. It's so huge and almost everyone--including Kurama, Yomi, Mukuro, Hiei, etc--saw the light and amazed with the enourmous power being exercised.

A few months later, the Makai tournament has started. Koto, the announcer of the Ankoku, was also the announcer of this event. Hundreds of youkais participated in this tournament. Yomi brought along with him his son, Shura, to let him have a real experience in fighting. Koenma, Botan, and George did not miss this chance to see for their very own eyes what had become of Yusuke and the conclusion of the tournament. Of course, the three of them disguised themselves because rei kai beings are strictly prohibited in Makai.

In the tournament, three battlegrounds were fixed , therefore, three matches will be held at once. Also, the number of participants were limited. There are no teams formed here unlike the Ankoku. Participants must fight individually for their very own sake. The one who will remain undefeated will be the champion and ruler of Makai.

Of course, I can't mention everything here. I'll just mention the important details .
NOTE : This is also the event when Mukuro showed her face to everyone for the first time. Chu, Touya, Jin, Rinku, Suzaku, and Wakamaru were all defeated in tournament. But gladly, no one was killed among them. Although, it was a close call for Wakamaru in his first match. Shura fought his father, Yomi, and he was defeated. It was a good fight though.

Kurama was able to fight Sigure at that time. During their fight, Kurama turned into a youko but he reverted back to human form shortly. Kurama had a a hard time avoiding Sigure's attacks with his round razors. His wounds are proof to that. Fuka-enbu-jin was once again used in this fight but it did not work out. While Sigure was about to kill him, Kurama used the gigantic sakura trees to stop the blade. Sharp branches surrounded Sigure and he could not move. Sigure had lost the fight. He admired the beautiful blossoms of the sakura. A few moments later, he committed suicide.

The other matches were not that significant so I'll just skip it up to here : The fight of Yusuke versus Yomi. The fight between two strong youkai and the fight between Mukuro and Natsume were also going on at the same time with Yusuke and Yomi's match. It was very clear to Yusuke from the very start that Yomi's power is way above his own, but he still continues to fight. One blow from Yomi and Yusuke's power and physical strength faded out. This was his weak moment. It also struck to Yusuke's mind the question : why am I fighting? He thought about it and realized that no longer wanted to fight Yomi. Yomi became furious after hearing it and hit him even more. Yusuke also had a sudden realization that he was looking for someone who will defeat him in time, just like Toguro and Sensui. Raizen suddenly talked to Yusuke in his head and reminded him the reason why he started the whole tournament and reason why he left his girlfriend, Keiko. After hearing this, Yusuke got powered up with youkai blood flowing through him. Marks on his body , just like Raizen's, became visible. Yusuke fought back and now they were almost even. But eventually, Raizen's power inside Yusuke faded out , instead, Yusuke used his own power to defeat Yomi. Both competitors used their spiritual and physical strength in this match. It all ended with a full-powered punch from the two of them - both being hit on their face. Yomi was about to fall down when suddenly, Shura called out Yomi's name. Yomi remained standing while Yusuke was knocked out. He didn't woke up after 5 days. When he woke up, the tournament has ended, and Enki is the new ruler of Makai! Enki defeated Yomi because Yomi had lost both spiritual and physical strength during his match with Yusuke. Enki's first order is to leave Ningenkai and its people alone. He also mentioned that he will start a tournament three years from now to decide once again on who will be the next ruler of Makai.

After that, all youkai left the place and returned to their own places. Kurama returned to Ningenkai and met Kuwabara. Hiei and Mukuro went back to their own country. Hiei , along with the other semi-finalists, were appointed to patrol Makai in case humans get lost in their world. They did saw a man lying down in the vast land of Makai. Hiei used his jagan to let the person forget what he had seen. Unfortunately, Hiei's super-deformed image was reported in a newspaper in Ningenkai. Meanwhile, Yusuke went back to Raizen's tomb and talked to his spirit. Yusuke informed Raizen his loss and Raizen replied that he was still 300 years younger to win that title. Yusuke gave his farewell to his father because as of now he will keep his promise to Keiko.

Kurama, Kuwabara, Shizuru, and Keiko were being summoned to Genkai's temple. As they arrived, Yukina was also there waiting for them. Genkai told them that if anything happens to her, then they can have the temple and do whatever they want to do with it. The conversation was simple as that. A few moments later, they left the temple with Yukina and went to the shore. The sunset was so beautiful and it reminded Keiko the promise that Yusuke gave her. She yelled facing the sea that she could not wait any longer for Yusuke. Everyone was silent until they heard a voice. It's a voice of Yusuke who finally came back for Keiko. They all had a smile on their face, even Hiei who's sitting on a tree. It's a start of having a peaceful life for each and everyone of them.

It's not shown on the series but people say that Yusuke and Keiko got married and ran a ramen house ; Kurama ran a business with his step father; Kuwabara is studying in a university and Yukina is temporarily staying with him.

Well, that's ends everything. Sorry if I did not made some things clearer, it's just that some scenes are just impossible for me to describe in detail.

--E N D--