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Yu Yu Hakusho Storyline
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Urameshi Team vs. Rokuyukai Team ( head: Zeru )

During this match, Hiei used his powerful technique, the "Ensatsu-Koku-Ryu-Ha" or the "Evil-King-Black-Dragon-Wave" Technique ,for the very first time. Zeru, his opponent, was disintegrated after being eaten by the dragon, and Hiei almost lost his arm after using that technique which he hasn't mastered yet.

Urameshi Team vs. Dr. Ichigaki Team ( head: Dr. Ichigaki )

Fukumen's secret was revealed. Fukumen was none other than Genkai, but in her young age. When Genkai saves her rei ki in her body, she becomes young in body, but when she loses much rei ki , she turns back into her old appearance.

Urameshi Team vs. Mashoutoukai Team ( head: Rishou )

The first time that Yusuke used his technique, the "rei-kou-dan" or the "spirit-light-bullet". It was more like a shotgun actually. This technique was used against Jin, a strong fighter who uses wind magic.
Yukina appeared during the match of Kuwabara and Rishou. Her appearance made Kuwabara more powerful and for that he was able to defeat Rishou.

Urameshi Team vs. Uraotogi Team ( head: Onjii / Suzuki )

This was a match they fought without Yusuke for the second time and this time, they were transfered to a new covered dome.

-Juri ( the new ring leader ) was introduced.

During the match of Hiei and Koromomotaru, Hiei's sword broke into three for the first time when he tried to slash the armor of his opponent. His "En-Satsu-Rengoku-Shou" or the "Fire-Killing-Purgatory-Scorching" ( series of punches with fire ) was also useless. Instead, he used his "Jaou-Ensatsu-ken" or the "Evil-King-Fire-Killing-Ken" ( black fire sword ) to defeat him. The "Jaou-Ensatsu-Ken" is a deadly technique that can cut through anything, even the thickest walls or steel, so this technique was a essential to Hiei's success.
The match between Kurama and Uraurashima was also a breaking point. It was in this match when Kurama changed into a youko for the first time within his human life. Urashima was killed by his own team mate, Wakamaru.
-Hiei learned the "paper-scissors-rock" game.This was done to find out who will challenge the leader of the Uraotogi team since Yusuke was not present at that time.

Urameshi Team vs. Toguro Team ( head: Sakyo )

The final match of the tournament. Before the match, both persons in charge of the two teams made a deal. If the Toguro team wins the tournament, the head of the Urameshi team, Koenma, must give up his life. But if the Urameshi team wins, Sakyo must give up his life.

Kurama vs. Karasu.

Before the match, Kurama drank some of the solution that Suzuki gave him. It should help him turn back as a youko and defeat Karasu. And during the match,he did turn into his youko form and helped him greatly against Karasu. But it was unfortunate for him because he turned back to his human form after a the explosion made by Karasu. When he was down and extremely weak ( the ring leader was counting ) he immediately used his Bloodsucker Plant against Karasu. The plant sucked all of Karasu's blood and killed him . Kurama lost the match eventhough he defeated Karasu because he was not able to get up before the count ended.

Hiei vs. Bui.

Hiei used his "Ensatsu-Koku-Ryu-Ha" once again ,but this time, his opponent, Bui, managed to turn the dragon back to Hiei with his bare hands. The dragon immediately swallowed its master and disappeared. And just when the judges thought that Bui had won the match, Hiei suddenly appeared with his black power burning all over him. The dragon became one with him which placed Bui in serious trouble. When Bui was knocked out in the audience area, he told Hiei his story and told him to finish him off for good. After hearing his story, Hiei paused for a moment and went back to the ring before the count ended - ignoring Bui's request.

DAMAGE REPORT: Almost 1/4 of the dome was damaged after unleashing the Black Dragon. The stage was completely destroyed which caused the delay of the Toguro brothers' match with Kuwabara and Yusuke.

Kuwabara vs. Toguro Ani.

In this match,Kuwabara used the sword handle that Suzuki gave him before the match started. It was in this match when Kuwabara knew about the death of Genkai. He was nearly killed by Toguro but he managed to produce a different kind of sword to eliminate his opponent. Toguro was defeated but he wasn't killed.

Yusuke vs. Toguro Ototo.

The final match that will decide who will be the Ankoku Bujutsukai's Champion. Toguro revealed all power he possesed from 50% up to 120% . Yusuke also unleashed everything he'd got; his powers and his battle strategies. But there was a time when Yusuke had gone soft, and the payment for this mistake was Kuwabara's life. Toguro killed him on purpose to make Yusuke release all his energy. After seeing it all happened, Yusuke's power flowed upon his body gently and slowly. After this phenomenon, Yusuke's speed and streghth tremendously increased . It was a starting point of the final battle. To describe the final match, Yusuke took all his energy and transferred all of it to his rei gun. This process took a few minutes before he fired his rei gun. Toguro also exercised all his energy to prepare for the enourmous rei gun. When their powers were at their peak, Yusuke fired his rei gun towards Toguro and Toguro ran towards the rei gun to cease it with one hand. After realizing that he couldn't hold it with only one, he used his other hand which happened for the first time. While he was trying to stop it, plenty of blood was sprouting out of his skin. At that time, Yusuke became very weak and could not fire any more rei ki. He ceased his attack and watched Toguro stop his rei gun. But eventhough Yusuke had already ceased his rei gun, the rei gun itself has power left and formed a big circular energy. It continued to fight Toguro which lasted for a few minutes. Toguro managed to eliminate it by his own hands , leaving his body with smoke from intense heat. After seeing this, Yusuke fell down unconscious. Toguro walked towards him slowly and thanked him for his performance. He was amazed with Yusuke because of the power he produced was higher than 120%, higher than his own power. After saying it, his skin started to crack and crumple. He fell down and suddenly died. Yusuke got up after a few seconds and he was appointed as the champion of the Ankoku Bujutsukai. His win was of no interest to him because he still blame himself for the death of his friend, Kuwabara. It was a shock when he found out that Kuwabara's death was only a bluff. Kuwabara did it on purpose to help Yusuke unleash his powers during those times.

After Toguro's defeat, Sakyo initiated the bombs in every corner of the dome. After a few minutes, the dome was destroyed but Yusuke and the others managed to escape. This was necessary to fullfill the deal that was made.

DAMAGE REPORT: The whole dome was destroyed. A large number of Class D & Class C youkai were eliminated.