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Yu Yu Hakusho Storyline
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It all started when a delinquent 14-year-old boy named Yusuke Urameshi died in a car accident who tried to save a boy's life. His spirit roamed around for a while and he decided to take a peek on his house to see what's going on after his death. Surprisingly, most people who went to his burial seem to be laughing. Most of them were Yusuke's enemies from school and his teachers who hated him, except the school's dean. The dean went to Yusuke's burial and mourned which also surprised Yusuke. Atsuko and Keiko also mourned for him. Kuwabara came to his burrial with his blood boiling. His friends were already holding him back. Kuwabara still kept saying that he and Yusuke still have a score to settle. He said this with tears. Yusuke realized that there are people out there who cared for him. After that, Botan appeared and took him to the Spiritual World ( Rei Kai ) to be judged by the prince of Rei Kai, Koenma Daioh. Yusuke was surprised to see a toddler as the prince, but actually he's much older than Yusuke. Koenma gave him an egg which he must take good care of. To do this, Yusuke must do good deeds in Nigenkai. If not, the egg will hatch and become a hideous monster that will eat his soul. So it happens to be that Yusuke's fate is in his hands. Koenma kept Yusuke's heart beating so that Yusuke's spirit can go back to his body if his job's done. And so, his spirit was sent back to Ningenkai with Botan, the diety of death, to guide him through. While Yusuke and Botan were watching Keiko from above as always, Keiko was held up by a gang from another school. Yusuke tried to save her but he could not do anything since he's only a spirit. Fortunately, Kuwabara and his gang appeared and let Keiko go. Yusuke and Botan were relieved. This conflict was reported to their dean's office which put them in big trouble. Kuwabara's friend, Eric, is currently working on a part-time job . As punishment for fighting, he was not allowed to resume his job anymore. Kuwabara immediately defended him and asked their sensei to punish him instead since he's the leader of their group. Their teacher will accept the group's apology in one condition: Kuwabara should not fight his foes in one week. If he ever finds out that they were fighting again, Eric would be immediately fired. This was a hard task to do but Kuwabara accepted the deal. They did not know that their sensei had a dark plan against them. Kuwabara decided to go home early to avoid those gangs from another school. He did not know that his teacher was following him. Yusuke and Botan can see this. It was unfortunate for him that he was blocked by them and challenged him to a fight. Kuwabara ran away and tried to ditch them. One moment he realized he did not want to run but to face them. He came back to them and told them to attack him as long as they want to but leave his friends alone. The teacher who was watching from afar was surprised and did not expect this to happen, and so he left to think of another plan. Yusuke was also surprised after hearing this from Kuwabara. And at that moment, Kuwabara was beaten up. He came to class with a black eye and lots of cuts in his face. When they saw their teacher, their teacher made another deal to them all. They all must pass the physical science test that he will give next week ( total of 100 points -->passing grade : 50 ) or Eric will get fired. The others had no problem in this test and found it an easy task , except Kuwabara. He only got 7 points in his last test in that subject. Yusuke was surprised to hear this and found out that he got a higher grade than Kuwabara: he got 12 points. In the afternoon, the gang from the other school still continues to tease and beat him , but he did not fight back. The next day, he came to school with two black eyes and alot of lumps on his face. His friends wanted to avenge him but they couldn't because they had a deal. Kuwabara studied hard to get ready for the test. Yusuke also helped Kuwabara review his lessons in his dream while he was sleeping. When the day of the exam came, Kuwabara was still reviewing while he was going to school. The gang , once again, planned to challenge him. As they were running to catch up with Kuwabara, they hit two girls - the other hit her head against the wall and went unconscious while the other was down. Yusuke possessed the unconscious one and fought those gangsters. The girl fought like Akane Tendo, she was really good. Yusuke left her body when they all fell down the ground. Kuwabara reached his school peacefully and took the exams with the others. In the afternoon, their teacher told him that he failed the test. Kuwabara found it impossible because he was pretty sure he passed the test , until he noticed that his last answer was erased. He got angry and attacked his sensei. Yusuke tried to stop him because he was not worth it. Kuwabara felt the same way and decided not to hit him. He walked away and took his failure. The school's dean asked the teacher if he was alright then he told him that erasing the answers from Kuwabara's paper was a serious case. He told him to fix this matter or he will be the one who's going to be expelled. It was good that the dean was in the faculty and saw the teacher erase the answers. Kuwabara was informed by his friends that they all passed the test and Eric can still have his part-time job. Eric was very thankful for Kuwabara for everything that he had done for him. Yusuke was also thankful that he was able to stop Kuwabara from hitting their teacher, but Botan told him that Kuwabara did not hear what he was talking about but he felt what he was trying to say to him. Kuwabara suddenly looked up in the sky and thanked the spirits who helped him.

[ EPISODE 5 ] Before he can be revived, an energy from a living being must be transfered to his body. This energy should be transfered through his mouth which means someone close to him must kiss him . If this was not done within 24 hours, it will take him 50 years before he can be revived again. Kuwabara and Keiko were the only ones close to him so one of them must kiss him ( Atsuko was hopeless to do so because she's always drunk ). Both of them dreamt about it which was done on purpose by Yusuke and Botan. Kuwabara was scared to death when he woke up from that dream. Keiko , on the other hand, did not believe her dream at first, and another thing is her mother got ill and she have to take care of her.Time is running out and so Botan used Keiko's unconscious mother to talk to Keiko and tell the situation of Yusuke. After hearing this, Keiko rushed to Yusuke's house while Yusuke and Botan were watching above. Keiko saw Yusuke's body glowing and she suddenly kissed him which saved Yusuke's life. Yusuke was revived afterwards. The next day, he went to a coffee shop and found a group of students from another school waiting for Kuwabara. He was surprised seeing their leader to have horns, but he just ignored it. The leader told Kuwabara to steal magazines from a shop and bring them to him. When Kuwabara arrived, he gave the magazines but he paid for it. The gang's leader became furious and told him to kneel and apologize to them. Kuwabara did it as told in order to save "Chi-chi", his kitten. They went at the back of the shop and the leader told him to beat his friends until he says stop. Kuwabara could not do such a thing. Yusuke swiftly hit one of the the gangsters saved the kitten. Kuwabara and the others attacked while Yusuke chased the leader. When he punched him down, he saw small youkai getting out from the gang leader's mouth. He caught it and gave it to Botan who disguised as a fortune teller earlier. Botan told him that he was appointed as a rei kai tantei in exchange of his resurrection. That was the start of his journey towards his fate.

Yusuke's first mission was to retrieve the three stolen artifacts of Rei Kai: the mirror, sword, and the orb, each possessing their certain powers. The names of the thieves were Gouki, Kurama, and Hiei. This was a serious matter for Koenma because if his father, Enma, would found out about this he could get really angry and possibly destroy Ningenkai. Koenma had no choice but to ask for Yusuke's help eventhough he's a beginner. Gouki was the first one that Yusuke faced. Gouki's body was as strong as steel and he could not defeat him at first. [ EPISODE 7 ] Since Yusuke can't beat Gouki's tough body, he waited until Gouki opens his mouth. Since his mouth is not as strong as steel, he pointed his rei gun at it and he was defeated. The entrapped souls were released. Yusuke has now re-possessed the first treasure. Exhausted and weak, he still tries to find the other two thieves in the city. Kurama appeared in the midst of the crowd and talked to Yusuke through telephathy. He told Yusuke to meet him in a hospital in three days. It was the time when the mirror can be used also ( full moon ). After three days, Yusuke went to the hospital and saw Minamino. There he met his sick mother, Shiori. Minamino explained that he wanted to use the mirror to cure her because there was no other way to save her life. It was also the reason why he joined the two thieves in the first place. In their midst of conversation, they were informed that Shiori was in critical condition. Minamino immediately used the mirror and he was ready to offer his life in return. Yusuke also offered his life and told the mirror to take his life instead. He could not bear to see a mother suffer by losing her son once more. The mirror released a huge beam of light and granted Minamino's wish without taking any life in return. Minamino rushed into Shiori's room and he was glad to see her recover. Yusuke has now re-possessed the second treasure. The last thief and the strongest one was Hiei , possessing the sword of darkness. Hiei kidnapped Keiko to use her in exchange for the other two treasures. Yusuke and Botan went to the warehouse where he and Hiei would meet. Hiei surrendered Keiko in exchange for the mirror and orb. Just as Yusuke was about to make his move, Hiei told him to observe Keiko's forehead. As Yusuke and Botan looked at it, an eye was about to open. Botan immediately used her power to close it because once the eye fully opens, Keiko will become Hiei's follower. The only cure for the eye to disappear is the extract found inside the sword. Yusuke had no choice but to defeat him to save Keiko. Hiei's speed was tremendously good and it was no match for Yusuke's. But despite of this, Yusuke still managed to attack Hiei twice. Hiei decided to turn to his Jaganshi form. In this form he became stronger, and the eye in Keiko's forehead was opening fast. Botan tried her best in stopping it from opening eventhough her hands obtained alot of cuts. Just as Hiei was about to make his last move against Yusuke, Kurama suddenly appeared and took the attack. He also managed to hit Hiei in his jagan while defending Yusuke. He did this because Yusuke helped him cure his mother w/o taking his life. Kurama stayed back as Yusuke and Hiei continued their match. Yusuke attacked his rei gun towards Hiei and Hiei managed to evade it. Then suddenly, Hiei got hit at his back. The mirror , which was found behind him, reflected the rei gun attacking him directly at his back. The mirror was shattered because of it. Yusuke was lucky in this match. The eye on Keiko's forehead disappeared after he made her drink the extract from the sword. He had re-possessed the third treasure and returned all three to Koenma. And because the sword became rusty and the mirror was shattered, Enma found out about the robbery. And because the treasures were already returned, the punishment was light: Koenma got spanked.

Yusuke's next mission was to join the tournament for the successor of Genkai, master of the rei-kou-hadou-ken. He had to defeat the the evil youkai named Rando. If he wins the tournament, then he shall inherit Genkai's powers and destroy everything. Yusuke did not seem to have any interest about the tournament until he was offered to have tickets to see the World Fighting Championships. Kuwabara also went to the tournament after being told by someone that Genkai could help him solve some personal problems of his and how to become stronger. He saw Yusuke in the midst of the crowd unexpectedly. They stayed together like partners. The tournament was not serious at first. The first activity was to draw the qualified competitors. If the small envelope they got had a red paper inside, they are automatically qualified. In fact, the paper will really turn red if one is deserving to become Genkai's successor. Yusuke and Kuwabara were qualified. The second activity was measuring the strength of the competitors. It was fun because they were like playing in an arcade area and they have to sing a song as a final measurement of strength. The next activity was to pass through a dangerous forest to reach the finish line. Their time was limited. Kuwabara reached the finish line first , and the others kept on coming until the time was up. Yusuke came out last and he was too late. But after knowing that he crossed the straight path and defeated the "bat king", Genkai made an exception. The next stage is to fight their opponents in the dark. It was in this fight when Kuwabara's rei ki was materialized into a sword of light, the Rei Ken, while he was fighting Musashi. This kind of power is present inside the persons body and it comes out if he's in danger. Kuwabara was surprised to see such power in him, he also won this round. Yusuke fought his enemy ( locally dubbed as "Arturo" ) who wore a mask that can see through the dark and can scan his opponent's power. Yusuke won this round by using his rei gun towards the mask.

Being Genkai's student was not an easy task. Yusuke worked hard under her training and sometimes lose his temper and attacks her. Of course, it only made things worse for him. Six months later ( after Yusuke's training from Genkai ), Koenma received a note from the shiseijuu ( the four holy beasts ). The letter tells them that they wanted to stay in Ningenkai. If they will not accept, the shiseijuu will continue sending makai insects that possess humans and force them to destroy each other. Botan informed Yusuke about this and his next mission was to stop the four holy beasts and get the whistle which controls the insects. Kuwabara tagged along and swore to help Yusuke save the world. At this time, Hiei and Kurama came along. They were also sent by Koenma to help Yusuke accomplish his mission. The four( including Kuwabara ) went to the camp of the shiseijuu to face them .During the process, the shiseijuu already brainwashed many people and Susaku, the leader, planned to capture Keiko to get into Yusuke. Botan came for her rescue and stayed with her. The four beasts ( Byako, Genbu, Seiruu, and Susaku )were confronted by Kuwabara, Kurama, Hiei, and Yusuke respectively. Byako lost by falling from a cliff, Genbu was defeated by Kurama by destroying his power source, Seiruu was slashed 16 times by Hiei, and Susaku was defeated by Yusuke in battle with a little help from Genkai and Kuwabara. Yusuke got the whistle and the people who were brainwashed by the insects returned to normal afterwards.

After a few days of peace and serenity, they received a video tape from Koenma about an ice maiden imprisoned and tortured by an evil merchant, Tarukane, only to have more priceless pearls from the tears of the girl. The maiden's name is Yukina from Koorime, the younger sister of Hiei. From the moment Yusuke and Kuwabara saw the video, Kuwabara helplessly fell inlove with her and became more inspired and dedicated on saving her. Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Botan were on their to Tarukane's fortress along with Hiei who secretly followed them all the way. As they reached the merchant's place, they were attacked by a group of youkai syndicate who work for Tarukane. One of the group was a gay youkai who claims to be a woman. Yusuke , the one who confronted him, was very certain that the youkai he faced was a male because he touched the youkai's private parts to make sure. That was an interesting part of that episode. Anyway, as the three went deeper in the fortress to find Yukina, they confronted the Toguro brothers for the first time. Yusuke and Kuwabara worked together to defeat the brothers which made them successful. Yusuke shot his rei gun on Kuwabara's back and the rei gun brought Kuwabara ( holding his rei ken ) towards Toguro and then Toguro was hit by Kuwabara's rei ken as well as Yusuke's rei gun. By this technique, both the Toguro brothers were defeated and they managed to rescue Yukina. Hiei hit Tarukane many times with hate and anger. Yukina stopped him because she could not bear anymore bloodshed. Hiei did not tell her anything about their relationship as brother and sister, but he only told her that he is a friend. Yukina gave her deepest gratitude to all of them who saved her especially Kuwabara for risking his life for her. She was escorted back to the ice country of Makai to recover her strength. Kuwabara got sad because she was going away, but he was hoping to see her again soon.

Several days had passed since their last mission was accomplished. Everyone seemed to be in top condition and everything was normal until an invitation from someone arrived. Toguro ( Ottoto ) himself faced Yusuke with delight. Yusuke was surprised to see him alive. They went to the top of a deserted building and talked. Toguro revealed his tremendous power and strength which made Yusuke unable to move while watching him destroy the surrounding debris. Toguro told him about the coming tournament, the Ankoku Bujutsukai. Toguro invited him and his friends, Hiei, Kurama, and Kuwabara, who were watching all along. When he left, fear started to rise in Yusuke knowing he cannot stand a chance against someone with that kind of strength. Genkai was also given an invitation by youkai messengers in her doujo. Koenma showed them the video tape that was recorded during Yusuke and Kuwabara's battle against the Toguro brothers. It was shown in the video that the Toguro brothers faked their defeat and they were secretly working for Sakyo, a wealthy gambler with evil intentions. It was all clear to them now that they knew what happened to the brothers after the fight. They all prepared for the coming tournament; Yusuke was trained under Genkai, Kuwabara was trained under Kurama and Hiei.

When the appointed day came, Hiei, Kurama, and Kuwabara were waiting for Yusuke. After a few minutes, Yusuke arrived with a companion in a mask ( the Fukumen ). The Fukumen was of no concern to others because they're too confident enough to themselves and so they boarded a ship heading to the place where the tournament will be held. On the ship, an unofficial tournament was held and the winner would become the qualifiers of the Ankoku Bujutsukai. This was done to make it more easier for them to decide who will be the qualified fighters for the tournament. While the tournament was being held, Yusuke was asleep ; exhausted from Genkai's training. Even when the ship was turning uproar, nothing can wake him up so the others were trying their best to protect him from the beasts who tried to attack him while he was sleeping. One moment when a beast suddenly got him and was about to beat him, Yusuke punched the beast several times. Awake? no, only sleep-walking. When the beast was already down, he was still punching constantly in one direction and shouting Genkai's name and telling her to fight back. After a few seconds, he fell down sleeping again. The Urameshi team were qualified to join the Ankoku since they were almost the only ones left on the ship. A few hours later,the ship reached an island with luxurious buildings, hotels, stores, etc.. An island where wealthy people gamble. The Urameshi Team departed the ship and went to their reserved room in a fancy hotel. They entered their room and relaxed themselves from a tiring journey. Surprisingly, Yusuke was still asleep. While they were having some coffee, an unauthorized guest appeared in the room. His name is Rinku, a kid who's member of the Rokuyukai Team. Then another youkai appeared and his name is Zeru, the leader of the Rokuyukai team. He came for Rinku and left. He also gave some advice and some pointers for the coming tournament to them before he and Rinku left.

The Ankoku Bujutsukai started with a blast. Hundreds of youkai beings bought their tickets to see the much-awaited tournament once in a generation. They shall witness who will be the best of the best in the world of Martial Arts. The tournament was held in a medium-sized dome with no roof on top of the stage. The stage was surrounded by audiences so everyone could see the fight. The appointed time finally came to begin the competition. Koenma and George Saotome were already seated with the audience to sponsor the Urameshi Team. The Urameshi Team competed with the Rokuyukai Team ; this was their first match. Of course , the leader of the this team, Yusuke, was still asleep. Almost everyone seemed to be getting annoyed with his sleeping because they thought Yusuke was just taking all of it lightly. With this situation, Kurama, Hiei, Kuwabara, and the fukumen started the fight without Yusuke. He finally woke up during their next match. Note: I can no longer mention by detail all that had happened during the Ankoku Bujutsukai , but I can only mention some important notes that had happened from that part of the series.