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Yu Yu Hakusho Character Profiles


Yusuke Urameshi
Kazuma Kuwabara
Shuichi Minamino
Youko Kurama
Jaganshi Hiei
Koenma Daioh


The leader of the Shiseijuu and has the ability to control  electricity. He emmits electricity and can turn them into a form of bow and arrow. He can also clone himself into seven. He posses the magic whistle that controls the minds of several people who tries to grab Keiko in  their school. he was defeated by yusuke with a little "mind" support from Kuwabara and Genkai.

One of the guardians of the evil merchant who kidnapped Yukina. This one's interesting because this youkai is actually a male and considered as a gay youkai. The tv series may not have shown this but while Yusuke was fighting him, he touched this youkai's private body parts to make sure that this youkai is a he.


The wealthy and evil merchant who abducted Yukina and tortured her to have her tears that turn into priceless gems. The Toguro brothers were also under his control at that time , but they were secretly under Sakyo's. At the later end of the "Yukina" eps, Tarukane was beaten by Hiei and had been surrendered to the authorities. Yukina was rescued and she was safely escorted to a place of snow to recover her strength.

A wealthy man with a crazy mind. He plans to create a hole linking makai to ningenkai , and that would mean destruction of mankind. Anyway, to identify him easily, he smokes pretty often and wears a black suite. He has very long black hair and has a scar on his face. He is the head of the Toguro team during the Ankoku. Despite of all that, he was fond of torturing and killing animals when he was a kid. He was different and didn't had any friends, even in his family. In the Ankoku, he saved Shizuru Kuwabara from a bunch of youkai guards twice, but he did not tell her his real identity. He died after the Urameshi team won the tournament just as the deal says.



The leader of the Rokuyukai team and the first to experience Hiei's "ensatsu-koku-ryu-ha" or the "evil-king-black-dragon-wave", the strongest technique from Hiei's powers. it was also the first time that Hiei used this technique to anybody. Zeru was  disintegrated after being eaten by the black dragon. Hiei, on the other hand, almost lost his right arm after using such a dangerous technique and , not to mention, for doing it for the first time.


The leader of the Uraotogi team. He is the master of disguises and during the ankoku, he used the form of an old man because he can't think of anything better. He also considers himself as a handsome person which everyone disagrees. He can also project a giant bubble that captures and traps the opponent inside and let a portal suck it inside. The portal leads the person it ate towards a far place. When Kuwabara was sucked into the portal, it lead him back to the old dome of the tournament which is only a few blocks away from the dome they currently use. This happened to him twice when he returned to the new dome where the tournament was being held and continued his match with Suzuki. When Genkai took Kuwabara's place after losing the match, she defeated him with a little bit of pleasure because of his annoying pride. After the match, he gave a sword handle to Kuwabara which absorbs its holder's power and emmits a special sword. He also gave a liquid solution to Kurama that will transform him back to his Youko form. These two were essential tools to Kuwabara and Kurama's success to their final match.

A goblin who uses wind technique. Jin was one of the toughest opponents that Yusuke faced during the ankoku. Jin is very skilled in using his wind techniques. His attacks were not bad either. He was the first youkai to encounter Yusuke's "spirit light bullet" technique which knocked him out. After their match, he was pretty amazed with Yusuke because of his strength. From that point on, Jin and Yusuke became friends.

This may come as a surprise but I guess his villaneous character is simply irressistable. Karasu was introduced during the Ankoku Bujutsukai and a member of the Toguro team. He was once defeated by Toguro ( like bui ) and he was like a slave since then, following Toguro's orders. Karasu has the ability to create extraordinary bombs that are very deadly and he also has an ability to blow anything up just by touching it. And he seemed to have interest in Kurama which brought shivers and trauma ( not serious ) to Kurama. Fortunately, he was defeated and killed by Kurama, but Kurama lost the match because he didn't got up in the count of ten.

Toguro was once a person who had ordinary skills in fighting. He trained alot for self-improvement in terms of martial arts. One day,he invited some friends into a simple competition. That day could have been a day of fun to him but it became a nightmare to him instead when a hideous youkai appeared with unlimited strength. It killed all his friends and he wasn't able to protect them. That was the time he wanted to become stronger, to have absolute power. He trained himself to the fullest to be prepared to face the youkai who killed his friends. He met Genkai during those days and became his partner in the past Ankoku Bujutsukai. Toguro joined the tournament after hearing that the youkai who killed his friends would be there. Toguro and Genkai defeated that monster and became the champions. However, Toguro wasn't satisfied about it. He still wanted more power because he feared that one day someone would emerge and defeat him, and because of that, he sold his soul to the king of darkness and became a youkai. At that point on, he and Genkai got seperated and never saw each other until 50 years later.
he was killed by yusuke with the help of kuwabara during the previous ankoku.

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