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Yu Yu Hakusho Character Profiles


Yusuke Urameshi
Kazuma Kuwabara
Shuichi Minamino
Youko Kurama
Jaganshi Hiei
Koenma Daioh


She is the tough mother of Yusuke Urameshi. She often drinks liquor alot and spends time in disco houses. She is kinda irresponsible with Yusuke maybe because she had her son at an early age. But at the time when Yusuke died because of the car accident, Yusuke ( his spirit ) found out that his mother loved him more than he ever thought because he saw her crying with remorse and pain. She did not appear much in the series before and after the ankoku bujutsukai. Another thing is that she and Shizuru look alike.

She is known as the diety of death ( and bubble-headed ) and also considered as Yusuke's guardian / assistant. She is also a reliable friend to Yusuke. She often flies to rei kai / ningenkai sitting on a wooden canoe in pink kimono clothes. Botan is under prince Koenma's authority and she often serves as his messenger to Yusuke whether if Yusuke has a mission or if there are some urgent information. She does not posses fighting capabilities like the others but she does have some powers ( as a spirit ) that are useful in times of need.

The rei ki / martial arts master and mentor of Yusuke. Genkai was also an old friend of Toguro, one of Yusuke's toughest enemies and also the one who killed Genkai during the Ankoku. Genkai's physical appearance is actually old like her age ( age: 60+ ). Her body changes to her young form when she gather much rei ki in her body and; she returns to her old form when this power disappears or fade. To describe Genkai's character further, she is a competent, tough, and very courageous person. She is also feared in makai because of her reputation as the rei ki master.

She is the childhood friend of Yusuke. Keiko is smart, responsible, polite, and sweet. She does seem to have other suitors from school but she just ignores them because she already has Yusuke. She used to have long hair but it got burned when she saved Yusuke's body from a fire. Keiko is also good in slapping Yusuke when he annoys her. She cares very much about him and sometimes worry about his fighting habit. She does not complain about it but she just warns him to be careful. She also gives him moral support before battle.
At the later end of the series, Yusuke proposed to her to get married as soon as he comes home from Makai. Keiko accepted the proposal and waited for three years for Yusuke's return. When Yusuke came back, Keiko was currently studying in college and her hair became longer. She also looked more matured and more beautiful. Keiko still haven't forgotten about Yusuke's promise and eventually they got married.

The tough, short-tempered, psychic elder sister of Kazuma Kuwabara, and the one who often smokes. She also has this rei kan capability that can sense danger just like her brother. Shizuru also has good skills in martial arts, probably better than Kazuma's. Their difference is that Shizuru does not have any special rei ki powers. She's also very protective and worries alot about her brother ( sometimes ). She wants him to finish his studies and be responsible enough for himself. And about her love life, she met Sakyo during the ankoku and she was somehow attracted to him, but things didn't work out because he died by blowing up the whole dome.

The sensitive, innocent, sweet, and pretty ice maiden from Koorime. She has powers using ice and she can also heal. Yukina left Koorime ( in makai ) to search for his missing brother, Hiei. She doesn't know what he looks like but she still continues to search. When Hiei heard about her abduction, he went as fast as he can to the place where she's being held prisoner by an evil merchant in ningenkai. She was tortured so she could shed tears that turn to pearls. She was saved by Yusuke and Kuwabara, who helplessly fell inlove with her. When Hiei finally saw her he did not introduced himself as her long lost brother , but only as a friend.

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