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Zelas Brid (zerasu buriddo )
Also known as: Zelias-Bleed, Zelas Bleed
Category: Black / Offensive
Note: I originally had this spell confused with Ferrous Bleed; my apologies.
Calls on the power of Greater Beast Zelas-Metallium, one of the five lords of Ruby Eye Shabranigudu. A thin band of light, more powerul than Dynast Brass, moves in any direction the caster wills toward the target. The basic structure of this spell is similar to that of Balus Rod. This is a good example for showing how the power of the spell depends on how powerful a being is called upon.

Zelas Gort (zerasu gooto )
Also known as: Summon Jellyfish
Category: Black / Curses
Note: The Encyclopedia Slayers lists Zelas-Gort as a Shamanism / Water spell. Also - Zelas Gort and Kyu-Kyum Spin are often confused for one another, even in the official Slayers references.
This spell was created to summon jellyfish. When drowning in the sea, the caster can be saved by the rush of jellyfish, but no other use of this spell can be seen. (Though jellyfish do taste quite good, pickled.) In the novels, can only be cast by Naga, who has a special affinity with jellyfish, but in the anime Lina and others can also cast the spell.