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The Slayers Characters Profile


Lina Inverse
Gourry Gabriev
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Naga the Serpent
Martina Zoana Mel Navratilova


A priestess of the Gold Dragons, Phyria's main goal is to prevent the prophecy of the resurrection of Dark Star from becoming a reality. Phyria originally sought out (what she believed to be) the most powerful sorceress in the land, Luna Inverse, to aid her, however Luna wouldn't give up her part-time job, and so Phyria was stuck with Lina.

Having been trained from birth in her profession, she's quite good at it, but still has quite a ways to go. She can transform from her natural dragon-form into that of a human, only she still has a ways to go before she can get rid of that dragon-tail. Phyria is also quite skilled at the use of dragon-magic, not to mention her refinement of dragons' breath into a finely-tuned blast of pure energy.

Phyria is still quite young as dragons go - she's very tempremental. While she usually sports a quiet, dignified appearance, it isn't hard to get Phyria enraged. Some people have an easier time than others - Xelloss, for example, can often get Phyria riled up just by smiling at her. Then again, there is that whole thing about Xelloss exterminating most of the Ancient Dragons some thousand or so years ago, but that's kinda hard for someone to live down. In any case, Phyria keeps a rather large, and rather heavy, mace around just for the purpose of, er... let's say 'punishing' people who irritate her.

Phyria also has an unnerving air of condescendence, in some cases. She seems to act that her opinion is the only correct one, and that only those who agree with her are making sense. She will listen to intelligently-delivered alternatives, but for the most part once she makes a decision, that's the one that should be adhered to. Luckily, she doesn't make decisions on her own very often.


Full Name: Phyria ul Copt *
Alternate Spellings:
( * indicates official spellings)
Firia * (katakana)
Hiria * (katakana)
Also known as: "that cute dragon-girl"
Sex: Female
Blood Type: Unknown / Not Applicable
Hometown: Unknown
Accomplishments: Unknown
Specialty: Dragon Lore
Voice Actress (Japanese):
Kuwashima Houko
Appearances: Slayers TRY (TV Series)
Relatives: Unknown