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Backgound of Story

A time when war seemed never ending, when houses were burned, when the blood of young soldiers drained down the rivers, and when families were torn apart. It was also in this era that the ninja lived. While samurai and soldiers fought in the light, these ninja would fight quietly in the dark. They were everywhere: in the walls, in the ceilings, beneath the floor, and in the cupboards. They penetrated the grounds and hopped over gigantic city walls. They acted as spies and assasins. These ninja did not fight for glory or fame. Instead, they fought for their masters, the men to whom they devoted their loyalty, their energy, and even their lives. They formed that fragment of history, which was so mysterious so fascinating, so amazing, and yet so tragic. They were the group whose existence seemed nothing more but fantasies.

And it is exactly from these fantasies which form the foundations of the Mr. Anzai Nobuyuki's story: Flame of Recca, a tale of action, adventure, and romance. In the story, the ninja in question actually are the Hokagi Ninja. These Hokagi Ninja were not as powerful and strong physically when compared to other ninja. However, they had their own ways to win a battle, and that is, by the use of their brains. They invented really powerful and advanced weapons, called madougus. These madougus are so complex that even people of this era can hardly replicate them. Unfortunately, the gift of wisdom produced one of the most horrible weapon in the world --- a madougu that gave people everlasting life! While it has been the dream of many powerful people to find something that will prevent the most horrible thing int he world --- death, many who received everlasting life found it means nothing but eternal pain! It is pain indeed when you see all the people that you love grow old and die while you remain alive. These madougu become the new burden for the main character of this story --- Recca Hanabishi. Being the descendant of the leader of the Hokage Clan, he must face the history of his clan as well as the present enemy. He must destroy the mistake from the past, and also the evil and ambitious Mokuran of this age. Will he succeed? Fortunately, he has a group of friends who will stay with him and help him no matter what.


Story Outline


Recca Hanabishi is just an ordinary high school kid but he has some special power. He is also obsessed with the cultures and traditions of the ninja. He can release flames from his arm. One day, he was walking along the garden when he met Yanagi Satoshita, who was being harrassed by a few young bullies in the neighborhood. Recca rescued Yanagi but got himself injured. Yanagi used her special healing power to heal Recca. Just then, they saw an injured dog. Yanagi immediately rushed to its aid and healed its wounds. Observing the scene, Recca decided to claim Yanagi as his master, his princess. At that time, a mysterious woman appeared. She had strange ball in her hand. She attacked Recca and Yanagi. Later, she even tricked Fuuko into helping her. Then, she lured Tokiya to fight against Recca. Who is this mysterious woman?

Kurei's Plan

After Recca unmasked the true identity of the mysterious woman, Yanagi and his teacher was kidnapped. Recca, Fuuko, and Domon headed out to rescue the princess and his teacher. In the palace of Kurei, they had to fight Kaoru, Ganto, and Kurei. What happened? Like Recca, Kurei can also release flames with his hand! Who's Kurei? What's his evil plan all about?


Recca finally managed to rescue Yanagi but he was faced with another problem. Kurei felt he wanted to have a real good fight with Recca. Hence, he invited Recca and his friends to the Urabutou. Urabutou is a fighting contest in which people are allowed to use whatever weapon they wish to fight. Each team must bet on one thing and should they lose, not only would they have to give up all their madougu, but they must also sacrifice whatever they bet. Recca's team was called Hokagi and what did they bet? Could they win?


Soon after the Urabutou, Recca won because of the emergence of the seventh dragon: Kokuu. He's really powerful, with one shot, he can destroy the whole coloseum. The fact is, Recca beat Kurei / Cray. Kurei left with Neon but he was discovered by Mokuran and his new "daughter". By using the cells and genes of Kurei, he managed to create a girl who had similar power as Cray, and that is can turn dead souls into flames and attack other people. Mokuran revealed to Cray that his real purpose of setting up the Urabutou was not only for catching Yanagi, but rather to destroy Kurei's Forces, and that is Rei Jusshin. Anyway, Cray was nearly killed but Neon saved him and both disappeared into the sea. At the same time, Raiha vanished after the Urabutou and Recca and his friends seemingly had a short time of peace. However, this did not last long as they gradually realized the real purpose of Mokuran. Mokuran indeed was not interested in Yanagi anymore because he discovered the most powerful madougu in the history of Hokagi Ninja --- "Heaven & Hell". (I'm looking for the Japanese translation). Anyway, the characteristic of this madougu is that it can give people ever lasting life. The only way to kill the people and presumbly to rescue Recca's mother is to destroy this madougu. Now, will Recca & company succeed? Besides, in the replacement of Kurei is a new team of assassin directly from Mokuran. Will Recca be able to combat them? This is a question that we shall have to await answers for!

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