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Flame of Recca Characters profile
Kurei Kouran


Recca Hanabishi
Domon Ishijima
Yanagi Sakoshita
Fuuko Kirisawa
Tokiya Mikagami
Kagerou -- Kage Houshin
Kaoru Koganei
Kurei Kouran


Kurei Kouran is the alf-brother of Recca and is determine to exterminate is brother...why??...simple, all his suffering started when Recca was born so with his cold calculative mind he sees that the only why to fonction at peace is to get rid of Recca!! As cold as it may seem it is perfectly simple for him. Kurei is a person who minds is business and only cares for his well being...and it troubles him to see Recca so happy...


Full Name: Kurei Kouran
Also known as: black hearted bastard(By Recca)
Sex: Male
Age: 420
Sign: N/A
Birthday: N/A
Birthstone: N/A
Blood Type: AB
Accomplishments: He created Kureinai with the body of a woman and also created the Holy flame(The pheonix)!!
Specialty: His speed, agility, intelligence, his pride, his ability to be cold and calculative and is ability to create Kureinai and the Holy flame!!

Kurei's Flame