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Flame of Recca Characters profile
Kaoru Koganei


Recca Hanabishi
Domon Ishijima
Yanagi Sakoshita
Fuuko Kirisawa
Tokiya Mikagami
Kagerou -- Kage Houshin
Kaoru Koganei
Kurei Kouran


Kaoru Koganei is a young kid who use to be one of Kurei's assasin squad but defected to the hokage side because Kurei had promised to not hurt Yanagi and he did..of course. so he became one of the members who is good and quick with his madogou. Is madogou, Kougan Anki, has five forms. He likes puzzles so that's why he was so natural for that madogou!! He is young and doesn't understand much about why someone is bad or misdirectioned and so forth!!! He's cool with his arrogant look and his bravado style...^_^;


Full Name: Kaoru Koganei
Also known as: That damn kid(By Recca), Kaoru-kun(By Ganko and Yanagi) and Koganei(By Kurei)
Sex: Male
Age: 13
Sign: Libra
Birthday: September 29
Birthstone: Sapphire
Blood Type: A
Accomplishments: He is veary smart for his age and learns fast on his madogou(truly told, he is a elemental master). All the fights that he's included in are very cool and he won most of the time...exept against Kurei!!
Specialty: His speed, agility, intelligence(with his madogou) and his pride.

Madogou weapons