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Flame of Recca Characters profile
Kagerou -- Kage Houshin


Recca Hanabishi
Domon Ishijima
Yanagi Sakoshita
Fuuko Kirisawa
Tokiya Mikagami
Kagerou -- Kage Houshin
Kaoru Koganei
Kurei Kouran


Kage Houshin appears out of nowhere and attacks Recca....what in gods name is this creazy woman up to?? Simple, she is triing to make Recca make a flame so that he will be able to protect himself against Kurei..... All and all, Kage Houshin or better known under her real name from 400 years ago, Kagerou!!! She is Recca's mother who sent him with the time-manipulation technique from the Hokage ninja. Yes, 400 years ago she planned to send Recca in the future to protect him from the killing of the ninja war. But Kurei step in to try to kill Recca and got suck in by the time manipulation warp!! But right after the warp goes she gets stabed in the back!! Is she dead...of course not...she lives on because the technique cause a curse to the caster...immortality!! so for 400 years she searches Recca. Even idf at the begining she acts cold and cruel it is only for the well being of her son!! Now she is reunited with him and becomes Recca's madogou encyclopedia!!


Full Name: Kagerou -- Kage Houshin
Also known as: Ka-chan(By Recca), Kage Houshin(By Tokiya, Ganko), Kagerou-san(Yanagi) and Kagerou(By Kurei, Fuuko and Domon)
Sex: Female
Age: 422+
Blood Type: B
Accomplishments: She is veary smart and knows about alot of the madogou!! she cares alot about Recca-- To her, her greates acomplishement is finding her darling Recca!!.
Specialty: Her intelligence(knowlege of most madogou -- especialy with her Enkai ball) and her pride.

Madogou weapons