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Flame of Recca Characters profile
Tokiya Mikagami


Recca Hanabishi
Domon Ishijima
Yanagi Sakoshita
Fuuko Kirisawa
Tokiya Mikagami
Kagerou -- Kage Houshin
Kaoru Koganei
Kurei Kouran


Tokiya Mikagami is a brother who is looking for his sisters killer. when he saw the fight with Recca and Fuuko he got the idea that they might know something about his sisters killer so he fight Recca!! At first Tokiya kicks Recca's ass but the second fight, Recca wipes the floor with him. The good thing is that it reduce his hunger for vengence and got his mind on the idea to best Recca and maybe get Yanagi!!! He is a cold hearted bastard but he is cool and kicks ass...^_^


Full Name: Tokiya Mikagami
Also known as: Mi-chan(By Fuuko) and the rest of them call him by his name
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Sign: Scorpio
Birthday: November 13
Birthstone: Opal/Topaz
Blood Type: A
Accomplishments: The complet and total mastery of his Ensui, his water sword! Is cold calculative mind is one of the asset for the control of Ensui!!
Specialty: His speed, agility, intelligence, his pride and his ability to control his Ensui!!

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