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Flame of Recca Characters profile
Fuuko Kirisawa


Recca Hanabishi
Domon Ishijima
Yanagi Sakoshita
Fuuko Kirisawa
Tokiya Mikagami
Kagerou -- Kage Houshin
Kaoru Koganei
Kurei Kouran


Fuuko is a long life friend of Recca and has wanted all her life to kick is ass. Unfortunatly, Recca has beaten her ever since, in fights. But that didn't stop her there, if she manage to beat him he would become her ninja. But when Yanagi entered the picture and that Recca became her Ninja, Fuuko got mad and accepted the Fujiin from Kage Houshin..regardless if this was a trick. Recca battled with Fuuko triing to snap Fuuko out of the fighting trance she was in. But it took him and Domon's help to wake her. From there Fuuko fallowed Recca to the Urabotou to fight for her honor that was blistered during the time she was helping Recca save Yanagi from Kurei. Her skills improves drasticly in the Urabotou with her fujiin. She is a great asset to the Hokage team because of her determination to win and to protect Yanagi!! Although Fuuko appears to be boyish on the outside, she is really gentle and caring and she also has a female touch, as exhibited in the fight against Ganko. She secretly loves Domon but never admits it...aspecialy when Domon act like a dumbass when it come to "double dates"(For those who think that I have no base to my "guess" about Fuuko loving me if you've seen the serie and all the rest you would think the same as me!!). ^_^


Full Name: Fuuko Kirisawa
Also known as: The scary chick(By Recca), Monkey girl(By Tokiya) and the ugly girl from the hokage team(One of the guys from the KU team)
Sex: Female
Age: 16
Sign: Leo
Birthday: August 2
Birthstone: Ruby
Blood Type: B
Accomplishments: She is veary smart and learns alot about her fujiin and what she can do with it!!(When she puts one of the madogou in the missing hole to create Kazenotsume(Air blasting nails) and when she removes some of the small madogou stones on her fujiin to create Katadama(help of fujjin-chan)).
Specialty: Her speed, agility, intelligence(with her madogou) and her pride

Madogou weapons