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Madogou Weapons
Kougan Anki


Flame Dragons
Kougan Anki
Flame Kurenai

Although powerful, the multiple facets of this madougu also make it very complicated to use and it is also very time consuming to change from one shape to another. Normally, it takes a person about 10 secods to change from one shape to another and you cannot jump. You must transform it one step at a time. However, Kaoru can transform it in 0.6 seconds!!!
This madougu has five different shapes:

Shape 1 : "Tooth"; This can only produce straight line attack and it is shaped like a long Halbeth(A sort of pol with a sharp knfe at the end).

Shape 2 : "Dragon" This is shaped like a chain, and can produce all sorts of bent and streamline attack. It is powerful because it can attack people from behind or use the chain to bind the enemy.

Shape 3 : "Poles" This is shaped like a pair of scissors and can clip the weapons of other people.

Shape 4 : "New Moon" As its name implies, this has the shape of the new moon and if you throw it, it will return to a flying plate or better known as a kind of boomerang!!!

Shape 5 : "Arrow & Bow" This is just a bow and arrow.

Shape 6 : "Nothing" ; This is the final shape of Anki, which is to divide itself into many different pieces and shoot them out to attack the enemy.

in Flame of Recca, the manga version... the kougan anki, to my knowledge is used as follows: (omigosh this sounds like an instruction manual) well anyways, you know the jewel thing at the center of the weapon? they said it holds everything together and every part of the weapon is formed around it... in one battle kaoru-kun gets the jewel and somehow stretches it out and wraps it around his enemy, and since the jewel is all deformed and stretchy and stuff the weapons still form around it but like slices through the enemy and stuff (ew how gross -_-) well yah that's all i know! 
                            From Aris
              (meant without the "e")